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The Scene-Police Punker in All of Us

Every couple of years I get bitten by the nostalgia bug and revisit musical obsessions from my teens and twenties. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s just what happens to you post-40, right? Maybe it’s just me. Of late, I’ve found myself climbing into endless YouTube wormholes. Before I know it, it’s 11 PM. There are […]

What Punk Rock Taught Me About Public Prayer

In 1972, the old-school rock critic Lester Bangs said Black Sabbath was the world’s first Catholic rock band. So much for Christian rock. Sorry, Larry Norman. Apparently Sabbath had you beat by a decade. Joking aside, Bangs claimed in the same essay (terrifically titled “Bring Your Mother to the Gas Chamber”) that Black Sabbath were […]

Rite I: The Patti Smith Story

Where do the 1970s New York punk scene and liturgical nattering converge? Why, in the person of Patti Smith, of course. She is the most recognizable female punk rocker of the era and this is disputed by very few people. The only one who comes close is Bromley Contingent matriarch Siouxie Sioux. A little-known fact […]

“You Will Be Like God…” The Richard Hell Story

In my all-too-obvious attempt to understand my childhood, I have undertaken a study of exactly what happened in the ‘80s, musically. In order to do that, one must understand the prerequisites. In this particular case, the prerequisites involve what happened at a club called CBGB which is located in the Bowery in Manhattan. It was […]

Reformation Day Quiz: Punk Rock Edition

Early Reformation Day Quiz: Can you name the man in this picture? (Note the Stealth bomber bolo tie and unmistakable Halloween-themed Jack T. Chick tract) Here at Mockingbird, we’re always looking for people, places, and cultural artifacts “out there” that reflect the historic truths of the Christian message (helpfully articulated by the Reformers we celebrate […]

Fighting the Law… and Losing

So, it’s winter and I’m depressed. This happens every year. I hate the cold weather, and this year has been especially cold, by Charleston standards anyway. Many of you in the Northeast are sneering about now. Thinking, “That Southern boy has it great! Complaining about temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s — Where does he […]