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When I Was an Adult I Read Books, to Remain a Child

The following piece was recently shared with Mockingbird. The “librarian,” whose name is not Paul Zahl (seriously!), has given us permission to post it here. Note from the librarian: This reading diary, penned by LeVar Burton, was recently discovered in the archives of a theological library. The manuscript, handwritten on napkins and folded away inside […]

Short Story Thursday: Christ on the Enola Gay by Philip Wylie

This week, we turn to an untitled story about Jesus Christ–you know, the stowaway on board the Hiroshima mission. To read along, go here. “Pulp trash you say. But this is not entirely true …” -John Small on Opus 21, Harvard Crimson, 1949 This story comes from a small chapter near the end of Philip Wylie’s […]

PZ’s Podcast: Sex Isn’t Everything

EPISODE 61 Or is it? One thing sex apparently is, is Christianity’s nightmare. Whatever one thinks about sex or issues related to sex, it seems to represent a credibility problem these days for the “faith once and for all deliver’d”. In this podcast I don’t argue against or in favor of any specific attitude or […]

PZ’s Podcast: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

EPISODE 59 What happens if you think you have something to say but are worried about saying it? I, for one, tend to want to stay quiet. There’s been so much ‘push-back’ in years past when it came to grace. Most of one’s co-religionists actively objected to it. You could barely open your mouth about […]

PZ’s Desert Island Discs (But This Time It’s Books!)

I’m just now beginning to emerge from two years of living in the desert, the howling waste of inwardness that is caused by the box canyon of life. I’m coming out of it. In addition to the New Testament, ten books, in particular, have proven sustaining to me in the wilderness. If you read Mockingbird, […]

PZ’s Podcast: How To Tell The Future

EPISODE 53 Here are two easy things to do that will allow you to tell the future. You won’t make any friends when you tell them now how the world is going to look 40 years from now. But then, 40 years from now, you will get honored. You’ll be regarded as awesome and amazing. […]

Episode 50 (!) of PZ’s Podcast: Human Nature

Sometimes I get so frustrated I could just scream, at the general portrait of human nature that one seems to get these days on almost every front. Whether it’s the innumerable “Commencement” speeches telling graduates to live their dreams, or the conviction stated by most of our public leaders that we can overcome our problems […]

PZ’s Podcast: “Unknown, And Yet Well Known” (II Cor 6:9)

EPISODE 49 Why this endless Easter Parade of unknown authors? Why this ‘Great Trek’ through ranks of old writers whom no one’s ever heard of today? Well, there’s a reason for it. Here’s the reason: Popular philosophers and writers in every age touch a chord with the culture that surrounds them. They tap into something […]

PZ’s Podcast: The Disappearance

EPISODE 48 In PZ’s march by night through the ranks of unknown American writers, we pause today before the gaunt Easter Island statue of: Philip Wylie. Philip Wylie was a popular pundit, novelist, and science fiction writer of the 1940s and ’50s.  His most famous book was called Generation of Vipers and caused a big stir […]