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But Wait, Doesn’t the Law Work?

On the January 13th episode of his “The B.S. Report” podcast, Bill Simmons interviewed essayist Chuck Klosterman on a number of subjects, from popular films to college football to the love life of Leonardo DiCaprio. One of the things they talked about was, in a roundabout way, something that ministers of the gospel talk about […]

2014 College Football Preview – While It’s Still Fun…

On HBO’s Hard Knocks (Training Camp with the Atlanta Falcons) these past four weeks, one thing is clear: the starry-eyed rookies miss college. Like many who played football through high school, I’ve been cussed at with a myriad of blue streaks and been ranted at  with the best of them. So when I watch Hard Knocks […]

Nick Saban is Human (Like Me)

The first part of this series focused on Coach Saban, Purveyor of The Process, whose commitment to excellence can be received as judgment by those too weak to try. In the second part, we looked at Nick Saban, Winner of Championships, who seems uninterested in the glory that accompanies his accomplishments. In this third and […]

Could Nick’s Saban’s Process Make Me a Better Person?

On Monday, I revealed that, because of my susceptibility to human weakness, Nick Saban could never love me. Perhaps it is no surprise that the Alabama coach finds little to love in middle-aged non-athletes. I contrasted this with the good news of the Gospel, that God loves me even though I bring nothing to the […]

Nick Saban Could Never Love Me

“Well, it’s no trick to make a lot of money, if all you want is to make a lot of money.”  –Mr. Bernstein, Citizen Kane By writing this—perhaps by even thinking this—I am putting myself and my family in great danger. You see, I live in Alabama. In Alabama, as you might have heard, people […]

Justifying the “Student-Athlete”: Amateurism, Whoremasters, and the Temple the NCAA Built

A friend said this week that only in America, and particularly in the American South, can one speak justifiably and hear no condemnation, about spending the entirety of every minute of every fall weekend amassed in beer, tailgating food, and endless football games. This kind of attentive fanmanship constitutes an active weekend. It hasn’t always […]

College Football Message Boards… and Sanctification

One of my favorite pastimes (addictions) is surfing message board related to Alabama football, predominantly TiderInsider and BamaOnline. I love scouring the threads for inside information about player development, recruiting, coaching changes, and SEC rumors. The world of football message boards can be toxic, erratic, and exhilarating all at the same time. When Alabama loses […]

Nick Saban and the Doctrine of Imputation

At a wedding shower for my wife and me, the hosts played a game where they asked us both the same questions about one another to test how well we knew each other going into marriage. With my wife out of the room, they asked me who my favorite superhero was. I quickly responded, “Nick […]

A Gospel for the Crimson Tide (Longhorns too)

Last night was a glorious one for fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide. It’s been seventeen long years since Gene Stalling lead the Tide to a National Title, and during that time an entire state has suffered. Last night their long awaited redemption arrived through the leadership of Nick Saban. But as I watched post-game […]