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The Death and Resurrection of the San Antonio Spurs

The abrupt end of the NBA Finals on Sunday left me with no other option than to dedicate all my sport-watching energy to the World Cup. This transition has felt uncomfortable. I root for players I have never heard of. For countries I am ashamed to say I previously did not know existed. Watching the […]

Even Lebron James Needs Help, or Heat Hate and the Offensiveness of the Gospel

God forgive me, I detest the Miami Heat. As I watched the Heat cap off another championship, I fumed with anger, and I don’t really even care about NBA basketball. The only times I turned on the NBA Playoffs was when it appeared that a team may take down the franchise that I despise more […]

Thank You For Not Coaching

People are selfish. Christians are people. That’s an interpretation of something Aaron Zimmerman said at last year’s Mockingbird Conference (Have you registered for this year’s yet?). He said that people are bad, and that’s true…selfishness is just one of the myriad ways in which we’re bad. That’s why it’s noteworthy when someone does something legitimately […]

Why Can’t We Just Celebrate?

The Miami Heat have won 27 consecutive basketball games. For regular readers of this space, you’ll know that I take great pleasure in this. What I don’t take great pleasure in, however, is our collective inability to celebrate an unassailably great accomplishment. The all-time NBA record for consecutive victories is 33, by the Los Angeles […]

How Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat Set LeBron James Free

This post comes to us by way of Mockingbird friend Matt Patrick. To say the least, LeBron James has had a phenomenal year. Nick Lannon has said it before: the game of basketball has seemed to be unwinnable for LeBron — especially before this season. So, what’s happened? LeBron is a player of whom much is […]

On the (Im)Possibility of Human Imputation

“Imputation” is a theological word that can be defined as something like “the act of regarding something or someone as having qualities that it or they do not naturally possess.” Imputation is HUGELY important in Christian theology; it is no exaggeration to say that its importance cannot be overstated. For sinners such as us to […]

Rooting for the Evil Empire: The Etymology of a Sports Fan

How does one come to root for the teams one roots for? Often, it boils down to the town in which you’re born. But sometimes, it’s more complicated. I root for the Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Yankees, and the University of Arizona. Three of the five are easy to understand; the […]

LeBron and the Weight of Expectation

Nike has been on fire with their recent advertising. Their latest triumph comes in the form of a very dark and intimate look into what superstar LeBron James has been going through these past few months. For those of you in the dark, NBA superstar LeBron James left Cleveland, his longtime home, in favor of […]

Billionaire Dan Gilbert: Theologian of the Cross?

Well, we have at least part of an answer to the question I posed last week: Lebron James cannot come out of his free agency unscathed if he decides to play for the Miami Heat. After announcing that decision on his prime-time special “The Decision” two weeks ago, James became persona non grata in Cleveland. […]