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What Then? Asking After Suffering and Sorrow with Thornton Wilder

This post comes to us from Jonathan Linebaugh, Lecturer in New Testament at Cambridge University and a fellow of Jesus College:  “When a human being is made to bear more than a human being can bear, what then?” I can’t stop asking this question. Neither could its author: Thornton Wilder. An artist, according to Wilder, is […]

I Love You Dead: The Good News of Incongruous Grace

“‘Dead, Dead,’ Whispered the Law. ‘Love,’ Whispered the Gospel.”

God’s Two Words: An Introduction

Very pleased to share the following introduction to the new collection edited by our friend Dr. Jono Linebaugh, God’s Two Words—which hit shelves last week. On October 4, 1529, Martin Luther wrote a letter to his wife. He was in Marburg at the urging of Landgrave Philip of Hesse, who had brought together several leading […]