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The Crucified God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

God is love. God is good. God is dead.

The Narrow Door of the Cross

The Seculosity of Instagram and the Need for Better Guidance.

Absolution in Practice

Hiding the Evidence of Sin After a Deathbed Confession

Mary Didn’t Know

The Mother of God fears her baby boy is crazy.

The Right to be Wrong This Election Season

“Teacher, is it Lawful to Pay Taxes to Caesar or Not?”

Grace and Justice Beyond the Grave: The Memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Without Grace, We Cannot Truly Remember the Departed At All

Deprive Them of Their Pathos: Partisan Politics, Social Media, and Karl Barth

“A Game that is Played in Full and Vigilant Awareness of its Relativity”

Adverbs Are Not Your Friends: Learning Gospel Grammar From Stephen King

On the Eucharist and the UMC


What Does it Mean to Resist Evil, as Justified Sinners?

Another Week Ends: Jim Carrey’s Revelation, COVID Judgment, a New PZ Interview, Political Idolatry, the Curated Authenticity of Rachel Hollis, and the Great Awokening in Fiction

1. If you’ve ever seen an interview with Jim Carrey, you quickly realize that he is incredibly weird and awkwardly introspective. At times he seems to either be the lunatic of The Mask or a shaman-mystic, or both at the same time. Carrey is always fascinating, and judging from this LA Times article, his upcoming […]

If Jesus Paid It All, What’s With All the Ashes?

On Unnatural Death and Suffering the Last Flickers of Sin

Another Week Ends: Divine Accidents, Sunday Scaries, Workism, Artificial Obligations, Drama-Free Romance, and StoryMakers

1. So you’re trying to sleep, and it’s well after bedtime, but you’re tossing and turning and unable to get comfy, and you notice you’re replaying the same scenario in your head: some vision of tomorrow, of what might happen, how a hope could be dashed. If you’ve had this experience, you’re far from alone […]