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Consider the Grasshopper

There are more than 11,000 species of grasshopper. The Acrididae family comprises about 10,000 of those species, accounting for nearly all grasshoppers in the United States. They’re harmless creatures, really. Plant-eaters, the lot of them, and many produce a gentle, familiar sound by rubbing the ridges of their hind legs against the edges of their […]

Low Anthropology Is My Love Language

Often, when I try to explain what Mockingbird is I am faced with the daunting task of articulating a “low anthropology”. That is, an unflattering view of humanity. People accuse me of being negative or of losing sight of the fact that human beings are “mostly good.” So I pause and consider their opinions. And […]

The Beautiful Ugliness of HBO: A Conference Breakout

I don’t wanna just survive. It says in these movie writing books that every character has an arc. Understand? … Everybody starts out somewheres. And they do something, something gets done to them and it changes their life. That’s called an arc. Where’s my arc?  -Christopher Moltisanti, The Sopranos HBO’s wild success in premium television […]

I Don’t Do It, But I Believe in It

Image thanks to Nikki.

It’s Gonna Last You for the Rest of Your Life: Sanctification According to Groundhog Day

That’s right, woodchuck chuckers. It’s Groundhog Day! I have a tradition of watching Groundhog Day every year around February 2. Which is convenient, since television stations tend to play the film this time of year. Repeated viewings are also a fitting homage, given the movie’s plot, which has weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) reliving Groundhog Day […]

Human Nature and the Economy

This month has been an interesting one. We’ve finally been hearing some good news related to the economy. Just over a week ago Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the recession was “very likely over,” (read about it here) and I have to say I felt a little bit lighter on the inside. This week […]

"Are You there Jesus? It’s Me, Woman.": The Fall, The Hope, and The Glimpse

This is part “two” in a four part series. For the introduction to the series and the first installment on creation, click here and here click, respectively. The Fall. The fall disturbed humanity’s relationship to God, thus, the relationships between humanity and nature, and man and woman were also disturbed. In Gen. 3:16 we read, […]

Felicia Day on Flossing

Felicia Day‘s recent tweet:

When the teeth cleaning lady tells me I need to floss more, it makes me feel like a chastised 5 year old. I want to NOT floss because of it.

(Felicia Day starred in Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog and was one of the potential slayers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her tweet captures the essence of the Law – it tells you what to do, but makes you not want to do it!)

Two More from Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book

Via Kate Norris and John Zahl’s excellent breakout session on Grace In Addiction at the Mockingbird Conference: Our behavior is as absurd and incomprehensible with respect to the first drink as that of an individual with a passion, say, for jay-walking. He gets a thrill out of skipping in front of fast-moving vehicles. He enjoys […]

Morality is Emotional, Not Rational

One more amazing quote from the article referenced by Aaron Zimmerman two posts below. “Moral judgments are… rapid intuitive decisions and involve the emotion-processing parts of the brain. Most of us make snap moral judgments about what feels fair or not, or what feels good or not. We start doing this when we are babies, […]