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The Bondage of My Inbox

I currently have 0 unread messages in my email inbox. This may not be shocking to you, but if you tell my husband, he will probably fall over. Before you start thinking too highly of my organizational skills, however, you might want to know how I accomplished it. It all started with my Zoom small […]

Avatar and Faith like a Child

Our exploration of gracious themes in Avatar: The Last Airbender continues on with its fourth installment. To start at the beginning of our series, go here. In the English language, the words “childlike” and “childish” are nearly identical, though they have opposite meanings. The word “childlike” is a positive word, associated with compassion and idealism […]

The Disruptive Grace of God

From the introduction of George Hunsinger’s book, Disruptive Grace: Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth, p. 16-17. Grace that is not disruptive is not grace […] Grace, strictly speaking, does not mean continuity but radical discontinuity, not reform but revolution, not violence but nonviolence, not the perfecting of virtues but the forgiveness of sins, not […]

Bottom of the Ninth: Baseball and the Eternity of God’s Love

Baseball’s back — with a truncated season, the universal DH (a bitter pill for this National League snob to swallow), and deep uncertainty involving the ongoing pandemic — but it is back nonetheless. I could hardly be more grateful. Besides the joy inherent in the game itself, it’s a huge relief to transfer some of […]

For the Love of Dog

Everyone is getting a dog nowadays. Adoption shelters are virtually empty and those wanting their dog from a breeder are met with long wait-lists or exorbitant prices. If you were on the fence about “man’s best friend” heading into quarantine, then the agony of the last few months pushed you over the edge. The kids […]

Overworked: An Abundant God Divided for Us

There is no other word in the English language that is used to communicate such a wide variety of emotions as the word “mom.” Here are a few common uses: Mommy! – When your mom picks you up from school and you’re excited to see her. Mommy – Lovingly said with a hug and a […]

Under Robert E. Lee’s Shadow

Growing Up in The Lost Cause

Glimmers of Hope: Food and the Common Mind

Seed Frenzies and Saving Grace

Keep Watch, Dear Lord

Life Behind “The Neighbors’ Window”

Leslie Jamison on Grace Without a Backstory

“This is the story of a layover. Who tells that story? I’m telling it to you now. One January evening, my flight got delayed out of Louisiana, where I’d been talking to people about their past lives, and I missed my connection in Houston. I had a night there. Trying to have a travel experience […]

Human Being > Human Doing : A Favorite Piece of Spiritual Advice and Mary Oliver

In my first year of college, a few simple but profound words poured light into the deep, dark depths of my depression-riddled world. The words came to me thanks to an old friend of my dad’s who also happens to be a leader in a ministry I was beginning to dip my toes in. His […]

The Parable of the Pop Quiz

There once was a Chaplain who worked at a school in Virginia. As part of his work, he taught a course in Comparative Religion to high school seniors. His class was made up of students from around the world with varying religious and non-religious backgrounds. Given one semester to cover the major world religions, he had […]