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Finding Meaning in the Boxing Ring of Life

Meaning is not a Recompense of Karmic Success. Meaning, like Life, is a Gift.

The Bondage of My Inbox

“Have You ever Considered just Selecting All of the Unread Emails and Marking Them as Read?”

Avatar and Faith like a Child

On Aang, Immaturity, and Innocence

The Disruptive Grace of God

“Grace, Strictly Speaking, Does Not Mean Continuity But Radical Discontinuity”

Bottom of the Ninth: Baseball and the Eternity of God’s Love

I Suspect that the “Never-Too-Lateness” of Baseball is One of its Chief Draws

For the Love of Dog

The Joy of Dogs is that They Aren’t Humans — To a Dog, You Can Do No Wrong

Overworked: An Abundant God Divided for Us

On Harried Parenting and a Lavish God

Under Robert E. Lee’s Shadow

Growing Up in The Lost Cause

Glimmers of Hope: Food and the Common Mind

Seed Frenzies and Saving Grace

Keep Watch, Dear Lord

Life Behind “The Neighbors’ Window”

Leslie Jamison on Grace Without a Backstory

“This is the Story of a Layover. Who Tells that Story? I’m Telling It to You Now.”

Human Being > Human Doing : A Favorite Piece of Spiritual Advice and Mary Oliver

“You Do Not Have to Be Good. / … Tell Me about Despair, Yours, and I Will Tell You Mine.”