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G. K. Minds His P’s and Q’s: Why Human Happiness Depends on Good Doctrine

I hate to admit it, but I am not a DIY person. In an age where there are countless instructional videos online to walk me through any number of household tasks, I, for the most part, tragically remain a get-someone-else-to-do-it person. Call it what you will — apathy, entitlement, laziness — but it is a […]

A Problem to Ourselves? Robert Bales and the Astonishing Mixture of Virtue and Depravity

Holy Smokes! Talk about low-hanging fruit. Another unbelievable, doubletake-inducing column from David Brooks in the Times this morning, this time dealing with Robert Bales, “When the Good Do Bad,” in which he articulates the Mockingbird anthropology with remarkable accuracy (and courage), using none other than John Calvin, G.K. Chesteron and C.S. Lewis to back him […]

Chesterton on Dickens: In Praise of Idiots and Imbeciles

From G.K. Chesterton’s ‘Editor’s Introduction’ to Dombey and Son, the 1907 ‘Everyman’ edition, xv and xvi, speaking about the character of Mr. Toots, who Dickens describes in the list at the beginning of the novel as “MR. P. TOOTS, a wealthy young gentleman, of good heart but inferior abilities”. In other words, Mr. Toots is […]

Batman: The Agony of Loss and the Madness of Desire, Pt 3

We come now to part three of Jeremiah Lawson’s epic exploration of Batman mythology, particularly as it relates to the Caped Crusader’s groundbreaking animated series (part one and part two). Many consider the episode discussed below, “Heart of Ice,” not only to be the best of the series, but a highwater mark of animated television, […]