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Masked Morality

In these Seasons of Threat and Judgment, I long for God to simply Grace me with a Sense of Humor and Patience

Preachers in Sneakers: A Merciful Mirror

When a friend sent me the Instagram account @preachersnsneakers, I was dumbfounded. A guy who goes by the name “Tyler” posts photographs of nondenominational mega-church pastors sporting sneakers alongside a cost analysis. It is funny and staggering. I had no idea that sneakers can cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. I mean, I feel […]

I Am Not Karl Lagerfeld

A man who designed things died this week, but what ended was his central, lifelong design: himself. I design things every day, but I am completely clueless about my own design. Death imposes reflection on us, whether we like it or not. So when I see a person pass away who was virtually a cartoon of […]

Heavenly Bodies: Irreverence, Faith, and Art

This one was written by Sarabeth Weszely. There’s been a bit of a buzz, at least around New York City, about the recent Met Gala and its corresponding exhibit, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” “Heavenly Bodies” is the largest Costume Institute exhibition yet, split between three separate exhibits in the Met and Met […]

The Preacher Goes to Fashion Week: Jim Carrey’s Gospel Madness

Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher,     vanity of vanities! All is vanity. God, in his mercy, sends preachers. Some are well-educated and institutionally-approved folk serving the faithful in fine old churches, but in these last days we should take no alarm that the same Lord who spoke through Balaam’s ass might again choose an eccentric […]

The Complicated Righteousness of Yoga Pants

In years to come, when Hollywood makes its first period pieces about the mid 2010s, or HBO films a miniseries about American life at the end of the Obama presidency, they’ll have a wide range of fashion trends to choose from when dressing the cast. But they won’t be able to pull off a credible […]

Instagramming the Sin of Omission

This past week, 18-year-old social media star Essena O’Neill announced that she was done with the internet. From all accounts she has everything that we expect teenage girls to want: fame, fortune, and a well-documented thigh gap. And with over half a million followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of subscribers to her YouTube […]

The Storyless Self: Thoughts on Greed, Consumerism, and Desire

“What is greed?” It’s a good question, and it is one which was posed to me by Ted Scofield during his breakout at the Mockingbird Conference a month ago. (You can hear the audio recording here.) According to Ted, several statistics and polls reveal that we Americans collectively see greed as a societal problem yet […]

Clothes Make the Man: Thoughts on NYT’s Men’s Style

Earlier this month, the New York Times debuted a new print section in their newspaper- the first new print section of the paper in a decade- and that new section is dedicated to Men’s Style. It says a lot that one of the great media companies in history would decide in 2015 to invest ink and paper […]

On Stages and Sincerity

I have always beheld celebrity culture with a varying mixture of admiration and disdain, and both of those reactions are kicked into high gear during January and February, or what the industry regards as the culmination of awards season. Just as the divinely-drenched (or -devoid, depending on preference) holiday weeks come to an end, Hollywood […]

Clergy Collars: What Not to Wear?

Some people watch reruns of Seinfeld. I watch What Not to Wear. Unfortunately, after a 10 year run, the show was canceled in 2013. Thankfully, TLC airs an old episode almost every single day of the week. The hosts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, guide an individual through an extended makeover process. And it all […]

Joan Rivers Fought the Law…

If you’re like me (and I hope you’re not), then the name Joan Rivers meant little more to you than “that horribly plastic old woman who can’t think of anything better to do than provide red carpet snark for E!”. Which is why, as news of her passing spread last week (having occurred during a “minor elective […]