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Can Love Survive Addiction and Co-Dependency?

This is a serious honor. We’ve received permission from filmmaker Kurt Neale to post his incredible new documentary, Ask: Can Love Survive Addiction and Co-Dependency?, here on Mockingbird. As you’ll see, he and his crew have given us an enormous gift, not just to those of us who’ve experienced the fearful realities of addiction and co-dependency, but to anyone who has drawn breath in the world described in Romans 7. Not to mention anyone who’s come into contact with what Andrew Sullivan calls “this generation’s AIDS crisis”. You could almost call it Grace in Addiction: The Movie. That is, the whole thing brims with honesty and humanity and compassion and, yes, real hope–the Polyphonic Spree is just icing on the cake.

Naturally, the film contains mature subject matter and language. Viewer discretion is advised.

P.S. As you’ll see, this is a work of art ideally suited for discussion. If you’re interested, I know Kurt and co are open to arranging screenings around the country. You can contact him via his website.

P.P.S. If it all sounds a tad on the heavy-side, fast forward to minute 1:19 for a hilarious Easter egg.

Kumare: The True Story of a (False) False Prophet

This fabulous review/reflection comes to us from Josh Hall: Plenty has been said about the documentary Kumare, and I certainly don’t want to stir up controversy. What happens in it is undeniably fascinating and worth talking about: this guy, by all accounts a normal American male, gets the idea to set out into the world […]

It’s So Beautiful, It Hurts My Feelings: Wayne White’s Beauty Is Embarrassing

I love me some Netflix streaming. But at times, that gargantuan library of B-movies can be a bit taxing to peruse on a lazy, boring Thursday night. So upon the recommendation of a Facebook acquaintance, my wife and I decided on a documentary called Beauty Is Embarrassing. We weren’t disappointed. For those not already in […]

What Would Coach Courtney Do? The Unbelievably Believable Grace of Undefeated

You have to be very careful when you bill something as “the real-life Friday Night Lights“. I don’t just say that because, in more ways than one, Friday Night Lights itself is the “real life Friday Night Lights.” I say it because that series occupies such a vaunted place in some of our hearts that […]

Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, and the Burden of Half-Pipe Perfection

When I was in fifth grade, a category four hurricane swept the city where we were living. The storm was so strong that everyone had to be evacuated. When we returned home, the destruction was considerable, to say the least. No water for days, no power for a week, no school for a solid fortnight. […]

Cowboy Jesus Gets a Fresh Pair of Gloves: The Gospel According to Buck

There’s no shortage of tear-jerking moments in Buck, Cindy Meehl’s the award-winning 2011 documentary about horse trainer/whisperer Buck Brannaman. But none is more poignant than when Buck recounts his first interaction with his foster father. We find out at the beginning of the film that Buck and his older brother spent their childhoods as trick-roping […]

More 2011 Favorites: Books, Documentaries, Musical Discoveries and Web

Books and Film Favorite Piece of Fiction (Read During 2011): Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger. Not just a favorite of the year, but a favorite, period. It’s a rare work of art indeed that can shed light on both The Royal Tenenbaums and the Jesus Prayer. Unbelievably wise, delightfully funny and deeply religious (in […]

Frannie Lebowitz on Revenge, Forgiveness and Christianity

It’s hard to say whether Martin Scorsese’s documentary about writer/humorist/public intellectual Frannie Lebowitz, Public Speaking, was the best documentary of 2010, or whether Frannie was simply the most interesting documentary subject of 2010. And I’m not sure it matters. The film is a non-stop delight because she is a non-stop delight, spewing witticism after witticism, […]

Downing Peppermint Schnapps and Calling Morocco at Two in the Morning: Mark Borchardt Confronts the Senselessness

Right up there at the top of any list of favorite documentaries I might compile would have to be Chris Smith’s brilliant American Movie. With the possible exception of King of Kong, I can’t think of another slice of life that captures the dual realities of human nature better than the story of Wisconsin filmmaker […]