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My Mom Adored Rush Limbaugh

Some People Listen to Music to get Them Through the Hard Times. My Mom Tuned Into Rush Limbaugh.

Super-Moms, Über-Dads, and Other People Who Don’t Exist

Another peek into the Family Issue, which is available now. If you’d like more to sample, there’s Ethan’s Opener here, and the special episode of The Mockingcast, here.  This article was adapted from Chad Bird’s newest book, Upside-Down Spirituality, available wherever books are sold.  Gathering dust in the far western portion of Texas is a […]

How to Be a Person in a World of Divorce Delusions

I first ran across the name “Heather Havrilesky” back in 2011, when The New York Times Magazine published a column of hers comparing the TV  shows Friday Night Lights and Glee. What she wrote knocked me flat, and formed the basis of one of our first posts to go (relatively) viral. Here was someone musing […]

‘No Divorce’ Pacts and the Benefits of a Recession

A touching installment of Modern Love appeared in this past Sunday’s NY Times, entitled “We Pledge Allegiance…”, in which Debby Greene traces how the “no divorce” pact she made with her husband has played out in her marriage, thirty years down the line. Clearly the survival of any relationship is seldom a matter simply of […]

Vince Gill Gets Told One More Time About Jesus (and Divorce)

This week country music star Vince Gill made news for his confrontation of the Westboro Baptist protesters. While this ‘colorful’ group of believers normally likes to target military funerals, this week they had their sights set squarely on Gill and his adulterous ways. But when they showed up to protest at his Kansas City concert […]

Another Week Ends: Indie Law, The New Marriage Killer, Futurizing Fear, Apatheism, Damsels in Distress, George Lucas and Downton Abbey

1. In his short article “The Pitfalls of Indie Fame” on Grantland, Chuck Klosterman captures something we have been trying to say on here forever. Don’t be put off by all the music jargon; he is using the critical success of the tUnE-yArDs debut record as an opportunity to reflect on the cruelty of the […]

Kim Kardashian and the Burden of Ratings

A timely little reflection from Mbird contributor Russ Masterson, prompted by last weekend’s conference: I’m sure you’ve heard: 72 days after her high-profile wedding, reality TV star/professional celebrity Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kris Humphries. This after a much-publicized wedding which became a television frenzy, flooding their bank accounts with money and endorsements. I’ve read articles […]

Another Week Ends: Divorce Delusions, FNL, KJV, Natural Family Planning, Pastafarianism, Harry Potter and 30 Rock

1. New Mbird favorite Heather Havrilesky hit another home run in this past Sunday’s NY Times Magazine with her column “The Divorce Delusion,” in which she exposed the current sunny pop-climate about divorce for what it is, namely, delusional. Or at least very naive. She also took the opportunity to muse on the underlying narcissism: […]

The Shifting Stigmas of Staying Together

A relevant little report in The NY Times about the declining rates of divorce among college-educated Americans. It would appear that the tide of social mores had gone out and now it’s come back in again. Or, rather, the law of social acceptability has shifted, as it always does, in content – but not severity. […]

From The Onion: Recently Divorced Man Thinks Everyone Else’s Relationship Is In Trouble

Another genius piece from The Onion, this time with a strong Matthew 7:3 vibe: SCRANTON, PA—Roger Dittman, whose four-year marriage ended in June, is convinced that the romantic relationships of all his friends and acquaintances are “on the rocks.” “It’s sad to say, but so many people I know are heading down the same path […]

Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear

Lightning struck in the Modern Love column of The NY Times recently, in the form of this article by Laura Munson about the resurrection of a troubled marriage/family. Despite some of the can-do language, it reads uncannily like a page from Paul Zahl’s Grace In Practice, almost what Dorothy Martyn’s Beyond Deserving insights might look […]