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    Our Souls House Many Homes

    For a period in 2013-14, I lost my sense of time and place. There had been too much travel. That spring, I’d happily but hectically gone to post-war Northern Uganda to do six weeks of fieldwork for my master’s thesis. It was one of the calmest places I’d ever been, characterized by a feeling of […]

    The Book of Sarah: On Eczema and Existential Despair

    About a week-and-a-half ago, my body decided to have an a-cute eczema flare-up. Having only previously ever experienced mild eczema, I could tell you about how this was far from a delight. I could tell you about how I have changed my routines to accommodate it, abandoning showers and walks, as if eczema were a […]

    Five More Minutes: A Meditation on Sexist Grandfathers and Revisionist Histories

    My understanding of my paternal grandfather is constructed from only a few objects: a black-and-white photo of him pushing my dad on a swing; pearls he gave to my grandmother; and a photo book called Asi es Caracas that my grandfather “purchased in Caracas from a Hungarian refugee.” These objects tell me some things, but […]

    “Out of Nowhere…I Can Imagine Good Things Happening”: Justice and Unbelievable

    Recently I barreled through the Netflix mini-series Unbelievable. It covers the true story of a woman who is charged with lying about being raped, and the two detectives who (unknowingly? accidentally? by design?) solve her case years later. The first episode is, yes, “hard to watch.” Marie’s suffering, as she is asked to tell and […]