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A Full Grown Man & His Sad Jelly Belly

A confession from Matt Magill: I have a complicated relationship with sugar. It’s really the candy that does me in. The guilty verdict on my perpetual adolescence needs no further evidence than my wicked sweet tooth and embarrassing proclivity to indulge it. No matter how often I throw out “Not today Satan!”, I trend towards […]

LeBron, Rest, and Execution, and Will

I ran into a fascinating juxtaposition in a fascinating (for a difference reason) article recently. The article in question, an ESPN piece by Brian Windhorst, is about LeBron James “perfecting the art of resting while playing.” If that sounds counter-intuitive, it probably should. We’re used to thinking of athletes “giving 100%” (if not more; there’s […]

Book Review: Falling Into Grace by John Newton

Most of what lives on bookstore shelves marked “Christian” should actually be marked “Self Help with the Name Jesus Thrown In” (I’m looking at you, Osteen). But John Newton’s latest book, Falling Into Grace: Exploring Our Inner Life with God begins not with us climbing the corporate ladder to the Kingdom, but with us falling. In fact, […]

Marcel Proust on Self-Sabotaging Discipline

Someways into the Frenchman’s third volume, his masterful forays into the life of the mind sound a distinctly practical, as well as Lutheran, note. The sentence structure takes some getting used to (occurrence of the word ‘which’ in English language, a probably corollary of overwrought syntax, has almost halved since the time of Moncrieff’s translation, though […]

I Don’t Do It, But I Believe in It

Image thanks to Nikki.

Bondage in Autonomy: Gerhard Forde on the Will

An excellent passage on the bound will by Gerhard Forde from his classic Where God Meets Man.  If we take Forde at face value, he seems to be suggesting more of a “binding” will and a “bound” sinner: “It is because we do not really know God that we must, in the second place, construct […]

Mockingbird At The Movies: Dirty Filthy Love

OK, this movie is not what it sounds like. I mean, I know what you are thinking: MB has finally sailed off beyond left field and out of the freakin ball park. And not in a home run kind of way. Dirty Filthy Love is a movie about a guy who has both Tourette’s Syndrome […]