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“The Goalposts are Moving,” “Sexy Lexi Has a Nervous Breakdown,” and “What If I’m Wrong About Everything?”

Mockingbird / 3.1.21
Episode 206: The Goalposts Are Moving

Now available this morning! In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk Covid-Deutsch, the advice column boom, and grieving video game characters. Also, Sarah cozies up to some ghosts while dancing to DMB.

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    • Click here to read Matt Ortile’s essay for Catapult on grief and gaming.
    • Click here to read Samuel Wells’ sermon on Job and the Love Stronger than Death.
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Episode 204: Sexy Lexi Has a Nervous Breakdown

Peripheral relationships, nervous breakdowns, and nighttime prayers. Also, after making a startling discovery in her father’s desk drawer, Sarah goes shopping for yoga pants.

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  • Click here to read the excerpt from Tish Harrison Warren’s new book, “How To Pray While Drowning in Doubt”
Episode 203: What If I’m Wrong About Everything

RJ and Dave hear from Sarah about her first month of grief, before talking together about family estrangement, faulty memories and the blind spots of Jefferson’s Jesus. Also, Dave breaks up with a friend while Sarah goes to the zoo.

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