From Minneapolis to Constantinople

New Episode of the Mockingcast Is Up Now

David Zahl / 6.1.20

Quick update: the new episode of The Mockingcast, which we recorded this past Friday, is up.

Needless to say, this was a tough one so I’m extra grateful to my co-hosts for braving the discomfort around race and jumping in with me. I hope we didn’t put our foot in it too much.

The official description being “In which Sarah, RJ, and Dave talk picky eaters, casual racism, George Floyd, and Brendan the Navigator. Also, Dave presses some steel while Sarah reheats some frozen garlic bread.”

Click here to listen.

For further reading:

  • Click here to read CNN’s report on picky eating.
  • Click here to read The NY Times piece on How to Talk to a Racist.
  • Click here to read CT’s article on The Gospel Legacy George Floyd left in Houston.
  • Click here to read Fr Stephen Freeman’s “It’s Good To Be Here.
  • Click here to read the NY Review of Books article on A Tale of Two Churches.

We’ll be taking a couple weeks off as people travel but will be back in action the third week in June.

Also, today marks Todd Brewer‘s first day as Managing Editor of this website. The existing cast of characters isn’t going anywhere, just shuffling around a bit (stay tuned). But we are SO excited to have Todd aboard in this more official capacity. He’s been with us since day one and knows Mbird inside and out. Welcome Todd!!


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  1. Brad says:

    A little late, but enjoyed listening this morning. Our 2nd son is named Brendan, after the Navigator! I knew he would need more inspiration and a better example than he could get from his old man. God bless you on your mini-break.

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