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193: Those Upgrades Can Wait, 194: Defunding Your Inner Police, 195: All Shall Be Swell, and 196: The Land of Bland

Mockingbird / 10.2.20

Episode 196: The Land of Bland

For too long, the podcasting industry has flooded our ears with self-indulgent commentary and lazy sermonizing. Well, the answer to your commuting conundrum is finally here! We at Mockingbird are obsessed with side-stepping the noise and bringing 200 proof grace directly to your earbuds. Simple and seasonal, yet thoughtfully sourced and designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle, brace yourself for your new favorite listening experience. There is only one Mockingcast, and this is it.

In all seriousness though:

  • To read the interview with Lana Del Rey, click here.
  • To read the review of The Twittering Machine in Book Forum, click here.
  • To read Bloomberg’s “Welcome to Your Bland New World,” click here.
  • To read Duo Dickinson’s “Love Across the Political Divide,” click here.
  • Oh and to read DZ’s reflection on the Before films, click here.

Episode 195: All Shall Be Swell

A jumbo-sized episode in which Sarah, RJ and Dave talk spiritual consultants, anxious NBA stars, the charity of Frederick Douglass, and the hope of Julian of Norwich. Also, a hapless kayaker receives an ironic rescue.

  • Click here to read the full opening news report.
  • Click here to read Nellie Bowles’s NY Times profile of spiritual consultants in the workplace. And here to read Dave’s commentary on it.
  • Click here to read the ESPN story on Paul George.
  • Click here to read Chris Arnade’s “Dignity to Endure.”
  • Click here to read Alan Jacobs’s article “Hate the Sin, Not the Book.”
  • Click here to read Nathan White’s piece on Julian of Norwich’s Hope.

Episode 194: Defunding the Inner Police

In which Dave, Sarah, and RJ talk college reopenings, internal deputies, racist sinners, and recovering pharisees. Also, Sarah is absolved of her lunchable guilt, and Mrs Heijmen finally becomes an adult.

  • Click here to read the Inside Higher Ed piece on college reopenings.
  • Click here to read Sarah’s post on Defunding Your Inner Police.
  • Click here to read Tim Kreider’s article, “I Am a Meme Now.”
  • Click here to read Theo Hobson’s column “Racism Is a Sin and We Are All Sinners.”
  • Click here for 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee.

Episode 193: Those Upgrades Can Wait

In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk school re-openings, comparative suffering, digital hygiene, and the crisis of capacity. Also, RJ decides to invest in some outdated (but comfortable!) furniture.

  • Click here to read Your School District’s Reopening Survey on McSweeney’s.
  • Click here to read Zadie Smith’s thoughts on “Suffering Like Mel Gibson”–and see the meme we mention.
  • Click here to read Meghan O’Gieblyn’s response on Wired to the question of “Why Do I Keep Refusing to Install OS Updates?”
  • Click here to watch Giles Fraser’s talk on “Christianity and Morality: The Story of an Uneasy Relationship.”

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