Would you buy a hot dog from an ex-con?

I want to go now. Read the full story here.

Stampdawg / 7.28.09

I want to go now. Read the full story here.

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9 responses to “Would you buy a hot dog from an ex-con?”

  1. KP says:

    I love it. Nothing like a good hot dog shop to bring the gospel. Providing for those who everyone hates…. Sounds like the cross to me.

    keith pozzuto

  2. childofgod says:

    I know of someone that has "truly put their past behind them" and has for close to 18 years now with nothing more than one parking ticket to himself/herself's name since and, has not missed a Sunday service in as many years. He/she has held the same job in these 18 years as well. It's sad though, people still treat this person like garbage and ostracize him. No one will even give him/her a chance to prove him/herself because they are too busy condeming instead of forgiving and welcoming him/her back in the fold. This person has a heart of gold, him/she messed up over 18 years ago and I've watched tears well up in his/her eyes many times in sorrow for what he/she did. Are there any true Christians on this site that would give this person a chance to prove himself/herself? Are there any Christians on here that are willing to give this person a welcome home, or is what you speak just empty words? As you say, KP, this person needs REAL Christians to show him/her the cross you speak of.

  3. StampDawg says:

    Hey COG, thanks for the post. Really sorry to hear about your friend.

    Well absolutely the folks here would be happy to give your friend a welcome home. Many Mbird writers are pastors or leaders in their local parish. NYC and North Carolina have a number of such parishes. Let us know if you want us to hook you up with one of the Mbird blog moderators, and one of them can tell you some of the cities and parishes Mbird has a presence in.

    You ask if we'd give your friend an opportunity to prove himself, in order to find a church home. Even better, how about no requirement to prove himself at all? We at Mbird see all of ourselves here as being criminals, and that the Jesus we know is the One who is the friend of Lawbreakers and the deeply messed up.

    Hope you are having a blessed week. In Him,


  4. Mike Burton says:

    It's SOUTH Carolina, Stamp. I forgive you for your egregious error.

  5. StampDawg says:

    I have missed you so much, Mike. Nice to get an Mike B smackdown with the word EGREGIOUS thrown in.

    Shoot me an email sometime. "I love you, man."

    PS. I saw "8 Mile" the other day and loved it. Thought of you.

  6. childofgod says:

    Thank you so very much, StampDawg. What a refreshing attitude you have and it's made me so hopeful for my friend that there is actually someone that "practices what they preach".

    KP and Jeff Hual do you feel the same way that StampDawg feels?

  7. childofgod says:

    Thank you, Mr. Jeff.

    Please pray for me and my friend.

  8. childofgod says:

    I am not from New York or N.C., I live in the panhandle of Flordia. Are there any Mbird moderator's in that area?

  9. StampDawg says:

    You can reach the MB moderators at:


    Very best wishes for a great summer,


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