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PZ’s Podcast: No Popery!

EPISODE 40 Religious partisanship is something I know about. It is something Charles Dickens knew about, too. In his 1841 novel Barnaby Rudge, Dickens sought to understand religious strife from the inside out, taking the “Lord Gordon Riots” of 1780 as his occasion for a cautionary tale. The “Gordon Riots”, also known as the “No […]

The Power and The Glory and Luke 19

I was intrigued by a recent article in The NY Times entitled, “Mexican Church Takes a Closer Look at Donors,” which looks at the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico. Apparently it receives large donations from Mexican drug lords. It’s convicting for several reasons, and certainly made the ash on my head yesterday feel a little […]

PZ’s Podcast: P.E. II

EPISODE 26 High-Church Christianity is an interesting phenomenon. You have the ultimate High Church: the Church of Rome. But then you have High-Church Lutherans, High-Church Anglicans, even High-Church Methodists and High-Church Baptists. Yes, really. It all starts to get relative, though the gold standard will always be the Roman Catholic Church. (There are Low-Church Roman […]

There’s Something About Mary

For those of you who do not live in overwhelmingly Roman Catholic countries, today was probably a normal workday; however, whether they know it or not, the people of Austria who were celebrating der Rhuetag, can thank Pope Pius IX and his 1854 pronouncement ex cathedra regarding the obligation of the Feast of the Immaculate […]

Marriage Gaps and Culture Wars

Ross Douthat of the NY Times attempts to update the parameters of the Culture Wars and comes up with some provocative, if debatable/premature, conclusions: basically, that social class no longer seems to be a defining factor in the conflict. I for one feel more Swiss than ever: We’ve known for a while that America has […]

Luther didn’t start the fire: Jan Hus (1369-1415)

In celebration of Reformation Day, in addition to Luther, we’ll be looking at some of those reformers who are, perhaps, lesser known, but nevertheless paved his way–usually with their lives. One of the pervasive misconceptions about the Reformation is that it was a creation of that fateful day with the hammer in Wittenberg. In fact, […]

From Irvin S. Cobb & John Ford: Judge Priest Preaching in The Sun Shines Bright

Here is a wonderful quote on preaching, from Irvin S. Cobb’s short story from 1914 entitled The Lord Provides. John Ford made this scene the climax of his 1953 masterpiece, The Sun Shines Bright. But the original, below, is purest Gospel, at least as I see it. Others of Cobb’s early-period short stories attain something […]

Paris When It Sizzles: The Fourth Most Interesting Thing That Ever Happened (In The History of Christianity)

Episode 14 of PZ’s Podcast! This week’s podcast tells the story of Jansenism, a religious movement in Seventeenth-Century France. Jansenism divided the country, angered the ‘Sun King’, and ended disastrously for its heroines (and heroes). In the later part of the Counter Reformation, the Jansenists were Roman Catholics who sought to go back to the […]

Another Week Ends: Summoned Lives, Dwight Gooden, Anne Rice, Getting Low, Swimming the Tiber, Kurosawa and Rossellini

1. A few bits from the editorial “Summoned Lives” by David Brooks last week, in which he compares two ways of life: The Well-Planned Life (endorsed, ironically – or not so ironically – by a “serious Christian”) and The Summoned Life. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which one we gravitate toward: […]

William Hale White Strikes Again

We’ve written about William Hale White before.  Each one of his six novels was written under a pseudonym, and not even his wife knew, until the end of her life, that he was the author of the celebrated “Mark Rutherford” novels.  He would go upstairs to his study each night after putting his wife to […]

Another Week Ends: Perfomance Reviews, Zimmermania, Godzilla, Reasonability, WASPs, Hipster Xianity, Arcade Fire

1. A fascinating piece over at NY Times titled “Time To Review Work Reviews?” Filled to the brim, as one might imagine, with Law-related gems (ht SZ). Annual reviews not only create a high level of stress for workers, [Dr. Samuel Culbert, clinical psychologist and author of the new Get Rid Of The Performance Review!] […]

Three More Hunks O Burning Elvis

A trio of amazing yet divergent clips, the first one from the same movie as Rubberneckin, with a bit of an EWTN vibe. The most rockin’ (post-Vatican II…) Catholic Mass of all-time?

The second from Elvis’ very brief psychedelic period (sort of a “Bringing You The Gospel Vein“):

Thirdly, there’s the infamous “Song Of The Shrimp”, dedicated to Jeff Hual and the whole Pensacola crew (entire mini-conference now available as a single file). Goodbye, Mama Shrimp!