Another Week Ends

With deadlines for issue two of The Mockingbird hitting at the moment (subscribe now!), our […]

David Zahl / 5.9.14

With deadlines for issue two of The Mockingbird hitting at the moment (subscribe now!), our normal Another Week Ends column takes a break today. But we won’t leave you hanging entirely. The humor links we would’ve included are as follows:

1. These Christian Tingle videos from Tripp and Tyler are things of beauty:

2. If you missed Louis C.K’s riff on ‘God as Mom’ on SNL last month, it’s definitely worth watching as we gear up for Mother’s Day. The whole thing is funny, but the more relevant stuff starts around the 4 minute mark:

3. Real Clear Religion posted a feature on “The Ugliest Churches in the World”, and man, they found some serious gems. There are a few eye-sores to be sure, but they’re mostly just really, really cool, ht MG:


4. The Onion went dark on “Brutally Honest New Revlon Ad Campaign Reminds Customers You Can’t Change What You Are”. They also hit the target with “Study Finds Backing Down In Fight With Loved One Extremely Harmful To Relationship.”

5. Quite a New Yorker cover from the amazing Roz Chast this week:


6. If you’re looking for more weekend reading, we put a few mom-related posts in the slider this week, odes both to amazing mothers and… less amazing ones. But I’m not sure we’ve ever posted one of our favorite tear-jerkers of grace in mothering, that of Mary Johnson and Oshea Israel. Amazing:

7. Can’t resist the opportunity to plug last year’s Mother’s Day sermon, “A Face Only a Mother Could Love”:

Finally, a little slice of Italo Heaven to keep your toes tapping this weekend, ht JAZ: