A Mockingbird Gift Guide: 2021 Edition

Your guide to winning the Christmas gift exchange.

David Zahl / 12.3.21

Jingle Jingle! Click here to read last year’s guide.

For the Daughter Who’s Memorized Every Word of the 10-Minute Version of “All Too Well” (and Her Brother/Mother/Father Pretending They Haven’t Too): red knit scarf, inscribed tissues, or “Taylor’s Version” hoodie

For the Pastor Whose Breath Did Not Get Any Better During the Pandemic: Last Supper After Dinner Mints

For the Art-Loving Theologian of the Cross With Some Extra Time on Their Hands Since They Started Working from Home: The Abbey in Oakwood by Caspar David Friedrich jigsaw puzzle or, if you’re looking to send some mixed messages, the Winterlandshaft mini-skirt

For Anyone Getting Older and Having an Increasingly Hard Time Distracting Themselves from that Fact: The Age Issue of The Mockingbird magazine (check out the beautiful preview pages!), or 4000 Weeks by Oliver Burkeman

For the Conspiritualist Aunt Who Could Sure Use a Dose of Christianity at This Point: a Staurolite Twin Cruciform Crystal with Red Garnet (from Taos)

Anyone Looking to Go All-In on the Whole Progressive Sanctification Thing: The Saintmaker 2022 Planner

For the Childhood Friend From Youth Group Who Has Been in a Bit of a Spiral Since the Mars Hill Podcast Dropped: Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen, or The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School ed. by Charlotte Getz and Cameron Cole

For the Uncle Who Tells the Painful Jokes But You Know Means Well: Based on a True Story by Norm Macdonald

For the Mockingcast Listener Finally Going Back to the Office and Looking to Blow Minds: a James Tissot Looking Down from the Cross Travel Mug

For Your Sunday School Starved Kids Since Lets-Face-It You Still Haven’t Really Gone Back to Church: Storymakers Advent three Zine or The Apostles Creed: All God’s Children picture book (and for your favorite fatigued Children’s Ministry Coordinator, this)

For the Good-Humored Colleague Who Is Always the First to Forward COVID Updates, Especially the More Alarmist Ones:  50 Things That Might Kill You self-diagnosis deck

For Anyone Who Left Their Heart in East Los Angeles This Past Spring:Property of ELAC Huskies t-shirt or HuskyNation sweatshirt

For the Grandmother Who Takes No Prisoners on the Pickleball Court: Pickleball Paddle Ornament

For the Fitness-Focused Mom Who May Commit a Homicide if She Gets Another Robe This Year: Mobot Big Bertha Foam Roller Water Bottle or DribbleUp’s Smart Boxing Gloves

For the Grace Junkie Ready to Represent at the Temple of Law AKA the Gym: a Simul Iustus et Peccator long sleeve t-shirt, or an And Also With Y’all t-shirt

For the Dad Who Never Tells Anyone What He Really Wants Cause It’s Too Expensive Yet Feels Sorry for Himself When That Gift Never Materializes: a Theragun Prime or an Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven

For the Son Whose Star Wars Obsession You’ve Always Hoped Would Move Beyond the Screen and Finally Get Him Reading: Yoda Metal bookends (and the 20th anniversary hardcover of Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire)

For the Neighbor Who Got Really Into the Outdoors During COVID and Now Captions Pics of His Sunday Morning Hikes “Church”: God is My Guide Compass and some Quilted Northern Rustic Weave

For the Movie-Watching PZ’s Podcast Listener Trying to Keep Up With the Host’s Recs, esp When It Comes to Forgotten Parables of Grace: Blu-Ray of Battle Hymn (1957, starring Rock Hudson), or Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema Volume 5, featuring The Midnight Story (1957)

For the Yuccie Nephew Who Just Moved into a Bigger Apartment and You’re Pretty Sure Still Goes to Church: Franny & Zooey print by Seth Hane, The Gospel Blimp iPhone case

For Anyone Looking to Get Ahead of the Onslaught that Kicks Off on Sept 13, 2022: A Low Anthropology Sticker or five

For the Parent With a Blackbelt in Passive Aggressive Ploys to Get You to Call, Text, or Visit More: New Son/Daughter Action Figure from ObviousPlant

For the Loyal Well of Sound listener: Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir “I Shall Wear a Crown” box set, Natalie Bergman’s “Mercy” on vinyl, Electric Jesus Soundtrack on cassette(!), Hollywood Vampires Koozies 6-Pack

For the Frenemy at Work Who ALWAYS Says They’re Great When You Ask Them How They’re Doing:Crying in the Shower or Wide Awake Thinking of Something I Said 4 Years Ago action figure (female, male) from Death by Toys

For the Kid in Your Life Who Still Hasn’t Figured Out You’ve Been Encouraging Him to Watch Christological Allegories for Years: Iron Giant w/Hogarth Hughes action figure

For the Family with That Desperately Needs a New Way to Settle Disputes: Chore Wheel dartboard or Dinner Decision Maker dartboard, or, if diapers are still in the equation, a New Parent Decision Coin Flip for Your Fate

For the Seminarian With a Big Coffee Table Who’s Curious About What Effective Christian Witness Looks Like in 2021 (and Already Has a Subscription to The Mockingbird): Poet Priest Vol 1 by Andy Squyres

For the Increasingly Uppity Sibling Who Made Their Feelings Known When Everyone Else Wanted to Order Papa Johns the Saturday after Thanksgiving: a Levain cookie gift box (or RebelDaughter sampler), microwavable bacon grill, or Momofuku pantry starter pack

For Anyone You Truly Love: A Ticket to our Conference in Tulsa (1/21-22) or NYC (4/28-30)

For Anyone You Truly Love and Want to Spend a Week with this Summer, Hearing about Grace on Gorgeous Lake Michigan: A registration for Family Week 8 at Camp Arcadia (8/14-20)


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