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Grace and Justice Beyond the Grave: The Memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This excellent post comes to us from Johanna Hartelius and Jason Micheli. Together, they host the podcast Crackers and Grape Juice. The incomparable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last week, having served on the Supreme Court for nearly three decades. She was a fearless leader of the court’s liberal wing, a feminist trailblazer, a “lady,” […]

A Broken DVD Player and the Gift of Being Known

I know most people got rid of their DVD players a decade ago, but I’m old school — I still have a stack of CDs in my car, and sometimes I prefer watching an old DVD over Netflix. One night my roommate and I went to Redbox and picked out a movie, set ourselves up […]

Farewell to Summer: Remembering (But Not Cherishing) Our Summer in Abaddon

What do you hear when you listen to this summer? Disappointment? Demonstration? Cancellation? Awkward exchanges between grocery staff and people who refuse to wear a mask? The basic ingredients of a summer to remember, right? This summer hasn’t gone the way any of us imagine summer should, and all of us have had to salvage […]

Surrender! Surrender!

Surrender is one of those words that, if you say it a few times in a row, becomes absolute gibberish. Surrender. Surrender. Surrendl;afjdfa;sdf. To constantly prescribe it (for yourself or others) will often backfire, because sur:lkjfsas;df goes in one ear and out the other. A posture of surrender: this is a seriously great concept. It […]

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