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Kingdom Prescription

Have you ever had a challenging season or circumstance you just can’t seem to shake? Somehow it seems to impact you in small or big ways far longer than you ever thought possible? Yeah, me too.  I’ve had a few of those and was chatting with the Lord about one recently. He shared an interesting […]

The God Who Makes George Bailey’s Life So Wonderful

Christmas movies have an incredible ability to channel nostalgia. The connection to one’s childhood helps explain why many of us feel so closely connected to our personal favorites. If these movies don’t represent us, they at least represent who we want to be or who we used to be, someone usually in the form of […]

Fifteen Beatitudes for All Saints’ Day, 2020

Paraphrased from Matthew 5:3-7 for this sermon. With thanks to Buechner, NBW, Same Old Song, K Lamar, and T Brewer.

“Remembered by Love”: On Isolation and Christian Community

“Loneliness — Not Obesity, Cancer, or Heart Disease — is the Nation’s ‘Number One Health Crisis'”

Beholding the Lilies of the Field

For Each Moment, No Matter Our Fears, We are Safe, and Loved.

Grace and Justice Beyond the Grave: The Memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Without Grace, We Cannot Truly Remember the Departed At All

A Broken DVD Player and the Gift of Being Known

On Surprise Packages and Divine Love

Farewell to Summer: Remembering (But Not Cherishing) Our Summer in Abaddon

The Sounds of Summer Have Been Protests and Ennui, but Don’t Stop Listening.

Surrender! Surrender!

And It Almost Never Works, Because What is that Even About?

A Grave Burden

You Can Carry Your Memories, and God Can Carry You

A Beautiful Paradox: God’s Presence In Our Doubt

Unafraid to Doubt—and Brave Enough to Talk About It

A Song You Were Made to Join In

A Review of Jason Isbell’s “Reunions”