PZ’s Podcast: What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) and Fraulein Doktor

Episode 104: What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) This one is about defense. […]

Mockingbird / 5.21.12

Episode 104: What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)

This one is about defense.

Someone said that human beings are “covered by thirty or forty skins or hides, like an ox’s or a bear’s, so thick and hard.” That’s not especially good to hear.

Someone else said to me recently, “Well, Paul, you have a toe on the road.” (I could have belted him!)

“Poor poor pitiful me” (L. Ronstadt). Yet it’s true.

Every time you think one of those “skins or hides” has slid off you, another one appears, lying in its place.

What does it take to get through to a person, meaning: to me and to you? It’s actually — surprisingly — fairly simple. Huxley wrote, “Self-knowledge is an essential preliminary to self-change. (Pure science and then applied).” Standard Bible insight. Yet nobody does it.

This podcast is about defense.

Episode 105: Fraulein Doktor

There is a great truth in the romantic fusion we all seem to want. There’s a fallacy in it, too — but only because of our human weakness, not because of the drive itself.

This talk begins with a Pretty Flamingo, a religiously adored woman. It moves to some lush early-70s romanticism, irresistible in a way. (Thank God for Hammer Films! And thank God for Harry Robinson.)

Where does the drive for fusion-love originate? Who or what decides the object/subject with which to fuse? What’s “love at first sight”? Is it really love? (I think it is.)

I end with ‘George’ and ‘Weena’: (Herbert) George (Wells) shuttling back and forth over a distance of 28,000 years in his time machine, in timeless search of fusion-love, or, and I’d put it this way in conviction, Fusion-Love.

Not only Love, but Being, is timeless.