Slightly Expanded And Significantly More Organized Conference Book Table List

Here’s the full list plus a couple of relevant additions, linked to sites where they […]

Mockingbird / 4.7.09

Here’s the full list plus a couple of relevant additions, linked to sites where they can be purchased. Although everything comes highly recommended, this is by no means meant to be a definitive list (stay tuned…). For the sake of newcomers we have divided the non-fiction into three itunes-inspired categories: Basics, Next Steps and Deep Cuts. In other words, the books are organized according to accessibility rather than importance.

1. Alcoholics Anonymous. The Big Book.
3. Manning, Brennan. The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News For the Bedraggled, Beat-up and Burnt Out
3. Martyn, Dorothy. Beyond Deserving: Children, Parents And Responsibility Revisited.
4. Norris, Sean. Judgment And Love. [out-of-print, 2nd edition coming soon!]
5. Paulson, Steven. Luther For Armchair Theologians.
6. Vieth, Gene. The Spirituality Of The Cross: The Way Of The First Evangelicals.
7. Walker, Paul. Sermons From The Cathedral Church Of The Advent.
8. Zahl, Paul. 2000 Years Of Amazing Grace: The Story And Meaning Of The Christian Faith.
9. Zahl, Paul. Who Will Deliver Us? The Present Power Of The Death Of Christ.

Next Steps
1. Allison, C Fitzsimmons. Fear Love And Worship.
2. Allison, C Fitzsimmons. Guilt Anger And God.
3. Barnes, Robert. The Reformation Essays Of Dr. Robert Barnes.
4. Capon, Robert Farrar. Kingdom, Grace, Judgment: Paradox, Outrage And Vindication In The Parables Of Jesus
5. Elert, Werner. Law And Gospel.
6. Forde, Gerhard. On Being A Theologian Of The Cross.
7. Greene-McCreight, Kathryn. Darkness Is My Only Companion: A Christian Response To Mental Illness.
8. Lewis, C.S. A Grief Observed.
9. Long, Anne. Listening.
10. Luther, Martin. Commentary On Galatians.
11. Luther, Martin. The Bondage Of The Will.
12. Norris, Sean. Two Words Devotional [teaser].
13. Pless, John. Handling The Word Of Truth: Law And Gospel In The Church Today.
14. Rosenbladt, Rod. Christ Alone (Today’s Issues).
15. Zahl, Paul. Grace In Practice: A Theology Of Everyday Life.

Deep Cuts
1. Bayer, Oswald. Martin Luther’s Theology: A Contemporary Interpretation.
2. Forde, Gerhard. A More Radical Gospel: Essays on Eschatology, Authority, Atonement and Ecumenism.
3. Forde, Gerhard. The Preached God: Proclamation in Word And Sacrament.
4. Holcomb, Justin. Christian Theologies Of Scripture: A Comparative Introduction.
5. Holl, Karl. The Distinctive Elements in Christianity.
6. Holl, Karl. The Reconstruction Of Morality.
7. Mattes, Mark. The Role Of Justification In Contemporary Theology.
8. Null, Ashley. Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine Of Repentence: Renewing The Power To Love.

1. Eliot, T.S. The Cocktail Party.
2. Eliot, T.S. The Family Reunion.
3. Giertz, Bo. The Hammer Of God.
4. Kerouac, Jack. Big Sur.
5. Lewis, C.S. The Great Divorce.
6. O’Connor, Flannery. The Complete Stories.
7. Tolstoy, Leo. The Great Short Works.
8. Wilder, Thornton. The Collected Short Plays.

1. Brown, Dusty. Dusty Brown.
2. High Street Hymns – High Street Hymns.
3. JAZ. I Played Sports.
4. Mejias, Alex – Alex Mejias.

So… what were we missing? We’re especially eager to find more “basics”. And did we get the labels right? We’re all ears…