REMINDER: Mini-Conference in Florida! Jan 29-30th

A few more details about the upcoming mini-conference in Pensacola later this month. Our gracious […]

Mockingbird / 1.4.10

A few more details about the upcoming mini-conference in Pensacola later this month. Our gracious hosts at Christ Church, led by our very own Jeff “Mr Christmas” Hual, have put up an ultra-informative “microsite” about all things conference-related, which you should all visit post-haste. When you do, you will discover a number of exciting facts, including (but not limited to):

1. Our speaker will be the brilliant theologian, professor and writer Dr Mark Mattes, of 2008 NYC Conference fame (not to mention recent Browder interview fame). If our theme (“God’s Grace In A World Of Glory”) sounds familiar, that’s because it is – Dr. Mattes touched on the same topic in the aforementioned 2008 conference. What can we say? – Mockingbird has never shied away from a little repetition (in fact, our ministry is sort of built on the idea…). Still, you will notice that it is vague/amorphous enough to take us almost anywhere (within reason), and Dr. Mattes has assured us there will be plenty of fresh material. We guarantee a stimulating, accessible and, God-willing, helpful introduction to (and discussion of) the realities of the Christian faith, including Mbird favorites like Law and Gospel and the Theology of the Cross.

2. The conference begins with a dinner on Friday the 29th (5:30pm) and runs until 4:30pm the following day, Saturday the 30th. So it’s short, almost a truncated version of our Spring conference – hence the “mini”. As a bonus, Dr Mattes will be teaching the adult forum at Christ Church on Sunday morning. Not to be missed! Seriously, folks.

3. Thanks to the generosity of our hosts, the costs are such that they make our NYC fees look outrageous… $20/person or $30/couple.

4. Lastly, the breakout sessions have been finalized. Yours truly is running one called “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: Judgment And Love In Pop Culture”. Jeff will be tackling “The Beat Goes On: How Ancient Heresies Continue To Thrive in the Modern Church”. And last but not least, we have convinced one of our favorite people ever, Mr. Gil Kracke himself, to drive down from Birmingham for “Like A Rolling Stone: Human Psychology and The Law Of Inertia”. You can view the whole schedule here.

Okay, ’nuff said. If you live in the Southeast, or even if you don’t, we hope you can join us. And spread the word! If you do plan on coming, please register as soon as possible, as it would help enormously with the planning. See you there!

p.s. Pre-registration for the 2010 NYC conference opens later this week. Watch this space…