It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The official trailer dropped this week for the Mr. Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, due this June. “Love is at the root of everything—all learning, all relationships—love, or the lack of it,” says Fred into the camera, meaning we’d better bring a box of tissues to the theater with us. In the meantime, to keep us sated till the big day, here’s a quick hit list of our past writings on the man and his legacy.

First, here’s DZ’s take on a touching 2011 profile of Mr. Rogers in The Spectator, in which we learn that Mr. Rogers favorite word was “grace.”

Second, there’s real power in being loved in actuality, not in potential, and it’s found in Mr. Rogers immortal song “It’s You I Like.”

Third, here’s the 2016 interview with actor Francios Clemmons, who played Officer Clemmons in Mr. Rogers neighborhood. It has become *the* go-to sermon illustration for every Maundy Thursday sermon. Also, break dancing.

Fourth, while many know of Mr. Rogers’ famous visit with Koko the Gorrilla, his detour to visit a young boy with cerebral palsy deserves attention as well. Is there a better theology of suffering than Fred’s request for prayer here?

Finally, there’s the wonderful anecdote about his view of the Holy Spirit that we reported on a few weeks back.

P.S. On the new episode of The Mockingcast (125), RJ, Sarah and Dave tell their favorite Mr Rogers stories before talking deconstruction, doubt and good news.