Talk about a happy accident: The Technology Issue hits at pretty much the exact same time as our snazzy new magazine website – one where digital versions of all the past issues are now available. This time around, we’ve got writing on distracted parents and religious bloggers, smartphone addictions and spiritual search functions, pornographic confusion and nostalgic Walkmen, and much, much more. You can preview the insides (and some of the incredible artwork) on the new site. Could not be more proud of this one!


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  • What 1,792 Blogposts Have Taught Me about the Internet by David Zahl
  • The Confessional
  • Automatic for the People: A Conversation with Nicholas Carr
  • Me, Myself and iPod by Jady Koch
  • Glossary Time: Incurvatus in Se
  • Sending Morse Code, a poem by Dick Allen
  • Is Google Searching Me? Knowledge and Discovery in the Internet Age by Ethan Richardson
  • For the Record
  • All in All: Childhood, Security Objects, and Grace in the Digital Age by Stephanie Phillips
  • Revisiting the Second Grade Classroom, a poem by Dick Allen
  • Distracted Parents and the Media of Our Discontent by Ian Olson
  • Unreconciled and Disembodied: Why Sex on the Internet Sucks by Sarah Condon
  • Surfing the Net, a poem by Dick Allen
  • Time to Pull Over: Algorithms, Self-Driving Cars, and an Unkind Word about Fear by Bryan Jarrell
  • Mixed Messages: A Sermon by Aaron Zimmerman

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Bonus Track: DZ previewed a bit of his article in a video for the Diocese of Texas:

David Zahl: Technology, Distraction and the Soul from The Episcopal Diocese of Texas on Vimeo.