Last year’s gift guide was so popular that we’ve decided to make it an annual tradition. Apologies in advance for once again not straying too far from our books/movies/music wheelhouse.

FullSizeRenderFor Those About to Host a Christmas Party: A Very Love and Mercy Christmas by Sam Bush and Kathryn Caine

For Your Friend Who Is Always Complaining About How Bad the Sermons Are at Their Church: Sermons of Grace by John Zahl

For Anyone Looking to Spice Up Their Office or Bring Their Inner Child to Work: An assortment of Funko’s “Reaction Figures”. Recommendations include Chunk from The Goonies, Zoe from Firefly, Kane with Facehugger from Alien and The Gentleman from Buffy

For Your Buddy from College Who’s Always Been a Bit of a Pyro: Melting Toht Candle (from Raiders of the Lost Ark)

For Your Cousin in Grad School Who Insists He Has No Free Time: Here I Stand The Board Game

For Your Cousin in Middle School Who’s Never Played a Non-Online Game before: Clue (Firefly edition)

For Everyone Waiting on the God Help the Girl DVD: Belle and Sebastian’s masterpiece The Life Pursuit on vinyl

For the Theological Authorities in Your Life (That You Still Want to Impress Even After All These Years): Galatians and Christian Theology: Justification, the Gospel, and Ethics in Paul’s Letter (includes an essay by Simeon Zahl) and Mark Seifrid’s new commentary on 2nd Corinthians

p6706_column_grid_12For the Guy on the Train with the Headphones On (and Anyone Wishing to Understand Him): DUH!

For the Commuter in Your Small Group Who Swears By Her Kindle: Hour by Hour Daily Office guide

For the Recovering Lumbersexual in Your Midst: The Ax/Plunger

For Your Poor, Battered Refrigerator: 2015 Hymn Calendar

For Your Foodie Aunt Who’s Looking a Little Too Yoga-fied These Days: A tin of corn cookies from the Momofuku Milk Bar

For Your Uncle Who Watches Too Much FOX News: Elvis’s Change of Habit on DVD

For the Slightly Dazed Father of Small Children: Drew Magary’s Someone Could Get Hurt or a bottle of Wild Turkey Forgiven

For the Lady in Your Life Who Needs Something to Read While You Watch the Kids and Let Her Take a Bath: Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Good News for Weary Women: Escaping the Bondage of To-Do Lists, Steps, and Bad Advice or The Unspeakable by Meghan Daum

FKA4424-2For Your Superhero-Obsessed Tween Nephew Who May Be Ready to Take the Next Step: Trillium by Jeff Lemire

For the Kids You Used to Babysit Whose Parents Succumbed to The Elf on the Shelf Bless Their Hearts: The Mensch on the Bench book and doll

For Your Literature-Devouring Mother Who’s Probably Already Read It But Will Be Touched by the Thought: Lila by Marilynne Robinson

For the Other Ragged Parents in Your Carpool: Big Stories for Little Ones by Rain for Roots or Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine

For the New-ish Twentysomething Member of Your Church Who Goes on Tirades About How Bad Christian Music Is: John Davis by John Davis

For Your Intimidatingly Erudite Boss Who Seems to Have a Sense of Humor and a Mild Curiosity about Grace: Michael Malone’s Handling Sin or the new biography of Penelope Fitzgerald

For Your Pastor Who You Can’t Help But Notice Hasn’t Mentioned the Old Testament in a While: Eden and Afterward by Will McDavid

For Your Hipster Boy-/Girlfriend Who Knows All the Words to Rocky Horror: Phantom Of The Paradise (Collector’s Edition) on Blu-ray

For Yourself, Because Your Copy of The Mockingbird Devotional Is Falling Apart From Overuse: The Mockingbird Devotional HARDCOVER edition (brand-new, $30 with free shipping while supplies last)

For Anyone You Truly Love: A Gift Subscription to The Mockingbird