One of the most moving moments for me at the 2012 Mockingbird conference in NYC was when the Reverend Aaron Zimmerman pointed out that most preachers are telling one legged people to run and win a two legged race. This breakout session is for those of us who have ever been frustrated by, extremely angry at, and even hated the people in the ministries we serve; those who have thought that the people we minister to (or the people doing the ministering!) are actually standing on two feet.

In this breakout session on Friday morning we will explore the glory story that has defined many of our ministries and/or experiences in church. Then we will look at how that glory story has been translated into our lives and why the Gospel is truly the word that can set us all free (or at least bring momentary relief as we hop along hoping for a finish line).

Here’s the audio recording from the breakout session

[audio https://mbird.com/resources/?show&file_name=07%20Ministering%20to%20Winners_%20The%20Blind%2C%20The%20Bound%20and%20the%20Broken%20%28People%20Like%20You%20and%20Me%29%201.mp3]

Or you can download it by clicking here.