I missed my chance to post this on Good Friday, but as Fitz Allison says, “every day around here is Good Friday!” This is Brian’s unbelievably touching and powerful song from the otherwise lackluster “That Lucky Old Sun” record. Many people thought he didn’t have a song of this quality in him anymore. It not only has a strong death-resurrection vibe, it serves as a response to that other latter-day masterpiece, “Til I Die”. Plus, to see Brian himself doubles its power – the man has just been so obviously ravaged by life. Enjoy:

Lost my way
The sun grew dim
Stepped over grace
And stood in sin

Took the dive but couldn’t swim
A flag without the wind

When there’s no morning
Without you
There’s only darkness
The whole day through

Took the diamond from my soul
And turned it back into coal

All these voices
All these memories
Made me feel like stone
All these people
Made me feel so alone

Lost in the dark
No shades of gray
Until I found
Midnight’s another day

Swept away
In a brainstorm
Chapters missing
Pages torn

Waited too long
To feel the warmth
I had to chase the sun