Steven Hawking (famous handicapped physicist) did a hilarious piece for the discovery channel on (get this!) aliens and the doctrine of total depravity.

While commenting on SETI, he argued that we really shouldn’t be broadcasting our location throughout the universe.  If aliens do exist, and they’re traversing space via wormholes and hyperspace, the reason they developed such technology was out of necessity to flee their home planet.  They probably fled their home planet due to overuse of natural resources, and would see us on earth as a species in the way of harvesting earth’s natural resources.

So we should stop the SETI program, which broadcasts radio waves into space hoping that somebody would respond, and hide from extra-terrestrial life. To quote this piece from the discovery channel:

Okay, so what if we start blasting out signals advertising our presence? To assume alien civilizations will be friendly and welcome us with open arms seems grossly naïve. As Hawking points out, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our own evolution, although we might have the best of intentions, we’ve rarely “come in peace.”

In other words, if aliens were to exist, it is entirely plausible that they would be totally depraved also.  We know this because, well, we see it in ourselves.

Looks like even extraterrestrials need alien righteousness!