The last track off of my favorite Pulp record, their Scott Walker-produced swansong We Love Life, in which Jarvis Cocker and co. pull off a feat that is all too rare in modern music: a convincing song about hope. There’s a lot that could be said of the heavy-duty allusions to death and resurrection, confession and repentance, rebirth, God (the Sun) etc – in this blogger’s opinion the tune positively reeks of Easter – but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Musically it’s one of those wait-for-it type of songs, i.e. the closing guitar part is worthy of Slash, during which Jarvis really goes for it with his moves (which are amazing).

I used to hate the sun
Cause it shone on everything I’d done.
Made me feel that all that I had done

Was overfill the ashtray of my life.

All my achievements in days of yore
Ranged from pathetic to piss-poor
But all that’s gonna change.

Because here comes sunrise.

Yeah, here’s your sunrise.

I used to hide from the sun

Tried to live my whole life underground.
Why’d you have to rise & ruin all my fun?
Just turned over, closed the curtains on the day.

But here comes sunrise.
Yeah, here’s your sunrise

When you’ve been awake all night long
And you feel like crashing out at dawn.
But you’ve been awake all night

So why should you crash out at dawn?