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Scott Walker Is Dead, Long Live Scott Walker! (RIP)

“I’m a pessimist, in that I know it’s not going to end well. But most of my songs are spiritual at the core. I try not to be too cynical about things, because it’s too difficult otherwise. You have to be able to work your way through it – you have to be able to […]

Another Week Ends: NeuroLewis and NeuroClark, Common Enemies, Absent Fathers, Zombie Fiction, Jarvis Cocker, Noel Gallagher, Sacred Facial Hair and Pixar

1. Another superb volley in David Brooks’ crusade for a more compassionate view of human fallibility appeared in The NY Times this week, “Who You Are,” in which he salutes Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman’s invaluable contribution to social psychology. Brooks goes so far as to call Kahneman and his research partner Amos Tversky, “the […]

Silent Night Day 2: Richard Hawley and Jarvis Cocker

Easter Beat: Pulp’s “Sunrise”

The last track off of my favorite Pulp record, their Scott Walker-produced swansong We Love Life, in which Jarvis Cocker and co. pull off a feat that is all too rare in modern music: a convincing song about hope. There’s a lot that could be said of the heavy-duty allusions to death and resurrection, confession […]

Bad Cover Version – Pulp (Matthew 7:15)

In honor of Jarvis Cocker’s new record, Further Complications, which comes out next week, here’s the final, utterly inspired video from his old band Pulp. Now that George Harrison is no longer with us, JC is the rockstar I would most like to meet (with the obvious exception of Axl Rose):

Links, Whit, Jarvis, Wes, Axl

1. I’ve finally revamped the links section. There are a bunch of new ones, so be sure to check them all out. Of special note: contemporary sacred music doesn’t get any better than High Street Hymns. And Caroline Henley’s Buy Or Don’t Buy never fails to amuse. 2. IFC just published an interview with Whit […]