A quick thought from the father figure himself, Paul Zahl:

In Wilder’s book The Woman Of Andros, a wise man is observing a wise priest and thinks to himself, “People like that have some secret about living. Why don’t they tell it to us outright, instead of wrapping it up in mystery and ceremonial?”

To me (PZ) this sums up why the Christian institution is flailing around these days, clueless and almost everywhere out of touch with the inward sufferings of people. It is as if we have something important to say but wrap it in packages that are hard to open.

Wilder goes on to say, in a journal entry, that in order for a religious revival to take place in his America of the Great Depression, there will have to be “new persuasive words for defaced or degraded ones”. In my opinion this is what my ministry has been about, and it is what Mockingbird is about.