Maybe you know the story: Francis Ford Coppola followed up his troubled Apocalypse Now with the disastrous musical One From The Heart. With a budget of roughly $26 million, the film grossed $650,000, making it one of the worst flops in history. So began the 80s for what many consider the greatest American director of all time (certainly of the 1970s). His fortunes would decline so badly by the middle of the decade that he effectively became a director for hire. And what higher bidder was there in the mid-80s than the King of Pop? So eager was Michael Jackson to stay in the post-Thriller stratosphere that he conceived of a 3-D movie set there, 1986’s Captain Eo. What Michael wanted, Michael got. And thus George Lucas was drafted as producer for the short film.

I remember visiting the Magic Kingdom shortly after its release and deciding not to wait in the incredibly long line, opting instead to take a second ride on those lame rocket ships… What a short-sighted 7-year-old I was! Watching it on youtube the other day, I realized that it sums up many of our hopes and dreams for Mockingbird. Utterly ridiculous with moments of real beauty poking through.