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Judgment and Relief at the End of Summer

In my neighborhood, the evidence of leaves already falling from the trees sounds a clear indictment and an unmistakable verdict: Summer is virtually gone…and I didn’t do enough to justify my existence. We didn’t do a good enough bona-fide family vacation—as in, we didn’t go anyplace exotic like Hawaii or Mexico or travel across country […]

The Mouse Knows What You Want: Disney Marketing and the Celebration of Self

It’s no great revelation that Disney is a for-profit corporation with targeted marketing strategies. In fact, of all the corporations marketing to children (or the child within us), Disney has the most targeted marketing I’ve ever seen. From my vantage point, this is what Disney marketing does so well: it takes everything that we as […]

When Captain Eo Brought Freedom to the Countless Worlds of Despair

Maybe you know the story: Francis Ford Coppola followed up his troubled Apocalypse Now with the disastrous musical One From The Heart. With a budget of roughly $26 million, the film grossed $650,000, making it one of the worst flops in history. So began the 80s for what many consider the greatest American director of […]