Pot Kettle Black: Keeping the Mocking-Score in 2021

Our Most Popular Essays, Videos, and More!

Todd Brewer / 12.30.21

For those in need of some post-Christmas reading, here’s a list of our most popular articles, memes, and videos posted in 2021. Click here for last year’s round-up. Enjoy!

Most Popular Posts Published in the Past 12 Months:

  1. Six Reflections After Mars Hill
  2. Small Letters and Sparrows
  3. Confessions of a Former Youth Minister
  4. The Moms Are Not Alright
  5. The Two Testaments of Ted Lasso
  6. The Pushover, the Workaholic, and the Drama Kid (see also here and here for follow ups)
  7. A Vision for the Broken-Hearted
  8. The Apocryphal Imaginations of Richard Rohr
  9. The Gospel is Not Self-Care
  10. He Showed Up in Boots
  11. The Powerful Celebrity Pastor
  12. Inhabiting Sobriety and Feasts of the Ordinary

Honorable Mentions:

Most Popular Posts on Facebook (Not Mentioned Above):

An Audience With the Big Man in the Sky, Funeral Failures and Grace, “We Want TJ”: A Clinic on Identity, Adventures in Church Shopping.

Most Popular Meme on Facebook:  this one (by a landslide)

see also this one and this one.

Most Popular Instagrams: this one, this one, and this one.

Most Watched Videos:

  1. Laughter at Your Own Expense
  2. The Utopia of Childhood
  3. David Zahl Interviews Coach Mosley
  4. Not Easily Broken: The Supernatural Power of Friendship
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