“Laughter At Your Own Expense,” by Bryan Jarrell

The Surprisingly Refreshing Doctrine of Original Sin

Mockingbird / 8.9.21

If you’ve ever wondered why people are the way they are. If you’ve wondered why people text and drive? Or Why you spend precious time in your life trying to change internet trolls? Have you ever sat with yourself in self-loathing wondering why you can’t just get it together? Have you ever been exasperated at the unchanging state of the world? Bryan Jarrell has the answer! It might not be good news, but original sin is the unflattering diagnosis we need to hear. This talk at our recent Tyler Conference was as hilarious as it was brilliant!

Bryan Jarrell – “Laughter At Your Own Expense: The Surprisingly Refreshing Doctrine of Original Sin” from Mockingbird on Vimeo.


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