PZ’s Podcast: Return to Form and A Slight Shiver

Episode 113a: Return to Form After a long drought, I’m back. But the tack is […]

Mockingbird / 8.13.12

Episode 113a: Return to Form

After a long drought, I’m back.

But the tack is somewhat new or, rather, old. The cast is a study in defeatedness, the karma of boy Watson in Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), and the “absurdist” position taken by a young clergyman, Henry Francis Lyte, in 1816 (it took). It also delineates PZ’s own position: my own defeatedness and the new hope I strangely feel. For me it’s ‘Roger Corman’ come to SK, tho’ it’s really a theology of the cross, even explicitly that.

Call this an odd turn, call it a forced turn, call it my own re-enactment of an Amazing Stories episode from 1987 entitled “Lane Change”. Call it the confession of a theological psychologist ! Whatever you call it, it seems to me what the facts warrant. You could even call it, after a hard and famous work of theology: The death of death in the death of Christ.

This is podcast one in a new “story arc”.

Podcast 113 is dedicated to Jim McNeely. 

Episode 114: A Slight Shiver

This is the direct sequel to “Return to Form”. Together they mark a new ‘story arc’ in PZ’s Podcast.

With a little — actually, not so little — nudge from Rod Serling, in particular from his script for “Night Gallery” entitled “The Waiting Room” (1972); and then with a major lift from a recent winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the atonement of Christ is on view again.

The cast is personal, inter-active, and laced up with some memorable music. There are some problems that cannot be solved. Or, to repeat a truism — and it’s really true! — only a miracle can save us.

Think The Tommyknockers.


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