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Can Zoom Be Sacred? The Architecture of God

We are in an unholy mess. Each day reveals more disease, more anger, more flaws in our culture than anyone could have anticipated a year ago. This season’s inscrutable fears are uniquely human. In the past, we would come together, comfort and strengthen each other, in communities, in families, in churches. But part of our […]

Shame in the Time of Choosing Your Zoom Background Precisely

Today’s bestsellers and public speakers have so much to say about overcoming shame and guilt that I sometimes imagine, as a species, we will really outgrow it. Other times, it seems unlikely: that uniquely modern moment when you open your computer, adjust your screen, and twizzle the blinds so the light is just so. You […]

A Song You Were Made to Join In

A Review of Jason Isbell’s “Reunions”

Alone Together In One Body and Spirit

Finding Forms of Fellowship Right Now