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Young Man Blues

“…much of what teenage boys talk about is wild-eyed or unrealistic. A father has difficulty hearing a teenager’s exaggerations for what they are – an experiment in thinking or a necessary calibration of an unfolding identity. When a father hears foolishness, he sees a fool. He fears a collapse of character and intelligence, or an unacceptably cavalier attitude about the future, and he’s quick to try to set his son straight.”

– from Raising Cain

Quote from Erik Erikson

An interesting tidbit on anthropology from the first chapter of the great psychologist’s controversial book Young Man Luther: “Psychoanalysis has tended to subordinate the later stages of life to those of childhood. It has lifted to the rank of cosmology the undeniable fact that man’s adulthood contains a persistent childishness: that vistas of the future […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green (or Totally Depraved)

Maybe it is because I’m still recovering from my 2 ½ hour, 3D cage fight with Mother Earth (to the right), but I was pleased run across an article on the Chronicle of Higher Education blog entitled “Green Guilt” that is helping with my deprogramming. Additionally, since it so closely mirrors one of my earlier […]