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Biggest Understatement of 2009

I know it’s early, but I’ve already cast my vote:

From an article in USAToday entitled, Could you live like Jesus for a year? This pastor tried:

“The retired megachurch pastor and one-time architect of the religious right has spent the last year trying to eat, pray, talk and even vote as Jesus would. His revelation: Being Jesus is tough.”

The Theology of Suffering, Part III: Bottom-Up

Having introduced the concept of theodicy, and addressed the ineluctability of our emotions, I move, with fear and trembling, on to the main question of suffering raised by James Wood in his recent New Yorker article. Here goes: If anyone ever sits you down and starts explaining how they’ve finally figured out God’s machinations in […]

When Woody Allen Interviewed Billy Graham

I can’t believe this happened! Yet perhaps not the strangest event of 1969… Much to the credit of both men:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Plank To Plank

I noticed recently that two of my favorite film directors, Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach, make reference in their films to the same joke, Q: “How do you make God laugh?” A: “Make A Plan”. Of course, since neither of them believes in God, I assume it’s their cute way of expressing how life rarely, […]


A great quote from the early edition of the reformer’s Systematic Theology, courtesy of Simeon Zahl:

“The Christian will acknowledge that nothing is less in his power than his heart.”

Woody Allen’s One Regret In Life Is That He Is Not Someone Else

My love for Woody Allen began in grade school when my father took me to see Radio Days. It was the first film I’d ever seen that didn’t appear to have a protagonist – and it worked. The phrase “take the gas-pipe!” became a fixture in our house that day, though I still don’t know […]