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Another Week Ends: Rules and Shame Don’t Move the Needle

1. We got the call early in the morning. A Covid vaccine clinic an hour away in downtown Pittsburgh had a number of appointment cancellations. If we could drop everything and meet them at 3:00 p.m., my wife and I could have two defrosted Moderna shots that would otherwise go to waste.  As my wife […]

Why the Justice of God is Good News

Wesley Hill on Marcion and the Wrath of God

The Lord’s Prayer for Prodigals

Wesley Hill, on Praying the Our Father “in a Way You Hope Never to Stop”

Another Week Ends: WEIRDos in the West, Feigning Wack-Jobs, the Twittering Machine, Enduring Work, and Lana Del Rey Talks to Jesus

1. A happy ending for a recovering alcoholic who was rescued from drowning by Paulist priests sailing by on a tiki bar pontoon. Not everything about 2020 is awful, folks! 2. In the first of two book reviews for your consideration this week, Judith Shulevitz reviews The WEIRDest People in the World: How the West […]

The Top Theology Books of 2019

Fleming Rutledge, Matt Croasmun, Harold Senkbeil, Karen Kilby, and more!

The Lord’s Prayer as Portrait of Jesus

“We are Tagalongs … Taking Advantage of the Closeness Jesus Enjoys with His Father.”

Another Week Ends: Time-Wasting Projects, Serotonin, Destination Funerals, the Hope of Children, the Languages of Love, and Jesus is King

1. Ear Hustle is a podcast about incarceration. It shares stories about life in San Quentin prison and the reintegration into life that follows a sentence there. The final episode of the recent fourth season is a hard story of reconciliation between a police officer and the man who shot him and went to jail […]

The Strange Kingship of Epiphany

How better to mark the first day of Epiphany than with a contribution from the esteemed Wesley Hill, who was kind enough to send us the text of the homily he is preaching today on Matthew 2:1-12. One of the reassuring things about the new Star Wars movie—which I confess I’ve only seen twice—is how […]