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When I Was an Adult I Read Books, to Remain a Child

The following piece was recently shared with Mockingbird. The “librarian,” whose name is not Paul Zahl (seriously!), has given us permission to post it here. Note from the librarian: This reading diary, penned by LeVar Burton, was recently discovered in the archives of a theological library. The manuscript, handwritten on napkins and folded away inside […]

A Note from Somerset Maugham on Preaching

Somerset Maugham wrote a comment in 1948 concerning Emily Bronte’s ‘persona’ as the author of Wuthering Heights, which could apply just as well to the ‘art’ of preaching a sermon. This is what Maugham wrote: “Is it strange that [Emily Bronte] should have put herself into the two chief characters of her book? Not at […]

Somerset Maugham on Love, Duty and Free Will

Two inspired passages from W. Somerset Maugham. The first comes from chapter 68 of his 1925 novel The Painted Veil. The words are spoken by the Mother Superior of the French convent in the Chinese village where a young married woman begins to come to herself after being caught by her husband in an adulterous […]