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Freedom’s Just Another Word

The first time I heard an Aussie ask “How are you going?” I thought he wanted me to give him directions, which is hilarious because I know how to get to, like, three places here. Then I realized I was being presented with an alternative to our American phrase “How are you doing?” And I […]

Learning About the Gospel from Self-Help, AA, and Tony Robbins

The following comes to us from Bill Walker. The kind of religion many people in America grew up with went something like this: do or believe these things in order to be “right with God.” But as experience will show, following either of these directives tends to lead to greater frustration, disillusionment and anxiety. “Am […]

Another Week Ends: Scary Nihilists, Repentant Starlets, Priestly Astronauts, Bad Vestments, Passive Aggressive Notes, Recovering Olympicists, Spiritual Conductors, Dylan’s Blood and Rooted

1. The media has been saturated this past week with stories about the Aurora tragedy, and rightfully so. Ross Douthat’s “The Way We Fear Now” was one particulary striking (and slightly scary!) example: [Holmes’] crime has probably also solidified the Batman movies’ status as a cultural touchstone for our era of anxiety… our contemporary iconography […]

Breaking Good Habits

Over on the Psyblog, an (ambitiously named:) article entitled How to Banish Bad Habits and Control Temptations illuminates the distinction between self-control/denial and Christianity.“Top of the list for unwanted activities,” relates the article, “were excess sleeping, eating and procrastination (no big surprises there in a sample of students). The top strategies to combat these were:Vigilant […]