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The Rising Tide of #selfharmmm

One of the clear refrains I’m hearing post-election has to do with the cost of virtual communication. We are only starting to come to terms with the degree to which our current climate of divisiveness has been amplified by the limitations of the Internet. Physical remove makes it (much) easier to dehumanize another person and […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: What Scares You?

I watched The Strangers the other night…very scary. I tend to not be afraid of monster/supernatural horror movies…I’m more afraid of things that might happen to me. That said, as I made the list below, there is an embarrassing supernatural horror movie on there. Oh well. Anyway, below is a list of movies that have […]

Charlie Bit Me

Most of you have seen this profound meditation on our irresistable need both to sin and to self-destruct. Watch it again anyway, cause it’s FUNNY.

Charlie Bit Me was ranked by TIME magazine as the best viral video of all time.

The Law of Time Magazine

Also, for a blast from the past (ht Krugman from NYTimes), read Time’s double portrait of Cyndi Lauper and Madonna that picks Lauper to be around for the long haul.

“[Cyndi] has the whole package. But Madonna has the look.”

This Is (Really) It – Death, Resurrection and Michael Jackson

Just couldn’t wait until Friday to post this amusing review of This Is It. From TIME magazine of all places, the Mbird-worthy passages of which include (major ht Jeff Dean): Death and resurrection. That’s the scenario not just for gods but for pop stars who earn fans’ ardor with an electrifying presence and their sympathy […]

The Five Top Singles of All Time – Paul Zahl

My friend Ray Ortlund sent me a mix of 957 rock ‘n roll singles. I listen to it every morning when I run. Ray’s inspired mix seems to cover just about every top-forty hit that was ever made. Today I got to number 957. Then it hit me! Here are the top five singles of […]

The Green Bible

If you have loved your red-letter editions of your Bibles in which you can easily pick out the highlighted words of Jesus, then you’re gonna love this! TIME reports this week that The Green Bible has hit the shelves of your local book store. This time instead of Jesus’ words being highlighted, more than 1,000 […]

Meet the "New" Boss, Same as the Old Boss

In TIME magazine’s recent 10 Ideas That Are Changing the World, number 10 was Re-Judaizing Jesus.In it, David vam Biema writes: This [idea] is seismic. For centuries, the discipline of Christian “Hebraics” consisted primarily of Christians cherry-picking Jewish texts to support the traditionally assumed contradiction between the Jews — whose alleged dry legalism contributed to […]