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A View to a Death: Paul Zahl’s Christianity for the Dying

This quote comes from our inimitable purveyor of one-way love (and world religion!), Paul F.M. Zahl, in his latest work, PZ’s Panopticon: “This guide to world religion is written through the lens of a near-death panopticon. It takes the position of a person who finds himself floating up the wall, on the ceiling, looking down […]

PZ’s Podcast: From a Whisper to a Scream

EPISODE 60 What do you do with the shattered fragments of the Body of Christ, shiver’d and torn in pieces by the carnivorous theological acrimony of recent years? I think basic questions are in order, and a definite, conscious tilt to a new way of doing business. Today’s podcast examines what theologians call the Doctrine […]

PZ’s Podcast: The Green Pastures

EPISODE 43 On February 26, 1930, a play premiered in New York that was hailed as one of the best American plays of all time. It was called The Green Pastures, and was both written and directed by Marc Connelly The Green Pastures became a Hollywood movie in 1936. It was also written and directed […]