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Two Vaguely Thanksgiving-Related Calvin and Hobbes

And that’s all for this week, folks! See you after the holiday.

Attitudes of Gratitude and the Most Psychologically Correct Holiday

John Tierney, co-author of Willpower, published a column in The NY Times which begins with the declaration that the most “psychologically correct holiday is upon us.” As much as I love Christmas, and as much as the spiritual/religious significance of Easter dwarves all its cousins, I can’t help but agree with him about Thanksgiving here. […]

Mini-Conference Recordings – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Again, an enormous and very heartfelt Mockingbird thank you to everyone who helped out with last weekend’s mini-conference in Pensacola! In particular, Jeff & Kerry Hual and the Christ Church Pensacola staff. We are so thankful for how it all went. Links to the recordings of the presentations are below. If you find them to […]

Thanksgiving Song No. 4: Derek Webb’s "Thankful"

And you thought (Reformational) theological anthems were a thing of the past?! Try this one on for size… Happy Thanksgiving: I ran across an old box of letters While I was bagging up some clothes for Goodwill You know I had to laugh that the same old struggles That plagued me then are plaguing me […]

Thanksgivings: Big Star’s Thank You Friends and Scott Walker’s Thanks for Chicago, Mr James

If rock n roll is to be trusted, it would appear that human beings are not hard-wired for gratitude. Songs dealing with the subject are that few and far between. Or perhaps the medium just lends itself to discontent? Either way, putting together a good Thanksgiving mix is no easy task. On their controversial Third […]

Michael Caine Has a Thankul Heart (and an Impressive Voice)

With Thanksgiving week upon us, what better time to revisit the brilliance of The Muppet Christmas Carol? Filmed a few years after Jim Henson’s death, it is a remarkably faithful version of Dickens’ classic, superbly funny/clever in its Muppet-ness yet also unflinching when it comes to the more religious aspects of the story. Of course, […]