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Hopelessly Devoted: Matthew Chapter Five Verse Forty Eight

If you’re following along with us in your new Mockingbird Devotional, you’ll already know. On Robin Hood and the nature of getting it wrong, today’s reading comes from our co-editor Sean Norris. You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Matthew 5:48, ESV) One of the Biblical words translated “sin” is actually […]

Religious Facts and the Difference Between a Crime and a Sin

More thoughts from the late Jaroslav Pelikan, taken from the “Dostoevsky: The Holy and the Good” chapter of Fools for Christ: The central discovery… for Dostoevsky was his realization that sin was not primarily a moral, but a religious fact. Sin did not consist in the mere violation of a law or transgression of a […]

Looking Inward, East of Eden: The Old Story of Unspectacular Evil

Yet another profound look into a chronicled book-for-the-ages from Lynn MacDougall. This is part one of a new series: “A child may ask, ‘What is the world’s story about?’  And a grown man or woman may wonder, ‘What way will the world go?  How does it end and, while we’re at it, what’s the story […]

George Herbert – Easter Wings 1

Lord, who createdst man in wealth and store       Though foolishly he lost the same,            Decaying more and more,                    Till he became                        Most poor:         […]

Knocked Unconscious, Part II

In the 1950’s, while Great Britain was trying to quickly put World War II behind it, Hammer Horror Studios was doing the nation a great service by doing the opposite in attempting to integrate the suffering it had endured with its present consciousness. The nation had seen two devastating wars, a collapse of its empire, […]

My Heart Would Poison You, But God Wants My Poison Heart

I just came across this quote from Yitzhak Zuckerman, who was a Jewish resistance movement leader in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising during World War II: If you could lick my heart, it would poison you. Wow! You see, although a hero of the resistance movement, plagued by survivor guilt, he became an uncontrollable alcoholic later […]

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