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Bebopping, Scatting, and Step Nine Apologies (to Costanza)

Some angel of the Lord put together the Costanza-12 Steps storyline from “The Apology” episode of Seinfeld and who would we be if we didn’t post it here. So rich and hilarious, featuring a great cameo from James Spader and touching on a gazillion of our favorite themes, from scorekeeping to repentance and forgiveness, recovery, […]

“I Too Am Irritated”: Some Insights from Jerry Seinfeld and His New Show

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Jerry Seinfeld wrote an insightful piece on his new award-winning online talk show—Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. If you’re not familiar with the show, I’m not too surprised. As Seinfeld says in EW, “Our initial philosophy was to counter-promote [the show] when it came out. We didn’t even tell anybody […]

College Admissions, the Summer of George, and the Gospel of Free Grace

We are honored to present an exclusive excerpt from keynote speaker Tullian Tchividjian’s forthcoming book, One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World. (Yes, the title is a shout-out to the man himself). This part comes from the opening of chapter nine, which deals with some of the common objections to the message of […]

Killing Independent George: Some Thoughts on Grace and (Social) Media

The good folks at Liberate were kind enough to post my talk from last month’s conference this morning and what better way to illustrate the point(s) about compulsive self-presentation than to re-post it here:

The Astonishing Tales of Costanza, or The Danger of Moralizing Suffering

Yesterday was a big day! Tullian Tchividjian’s indispensable new book Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free finally hit the shelves, and its release could not dovetail more perfectly with the theme of this past weekend’s conference (recordings should be up tomorrow), namely, how you and I interpret and experience suffering, and whether or not […]

Public Library Consquence and Amnesty (and Its Fruit)

A recent article over at about the Chicago Public Library’s recent three-week long amnesty period waiving all overdue fines has caught my attention since this grace period prompted one person to return a 78-years overdue copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. It all started when her mom’s childhood friend checked […]

Are You Better Than Joe Paterno? David Brooks Thinks You’re (Probably) Not

What would you do if you were Joe Paterno? If it was reported to you that your assistant coach was sexually abusing a minor, would you act differently? In his recent op-ed for the NY times, David Brooks suggests that the answers to these questions are not as straightforward as we might believe. While we […]

Birmingham Conference Recordings: Grace, Rest and the End of Scorekeeping

A major thank you to everyone who helped us put on our conference in Birmingham, AL, especially all the good people at Cathedral Church of the Advent. What a delightful and inspiring time it was! Lots of laughter, a few tears, some great food and tons of new connections, we could not be more grateful. […]

Jerry Seinfeld and the Long Arm of the Law (Romans 3:19)

Extra Credit: What theological ‘use’ of the Law characterizes Mr. Bookman’s brilliant speech?

Another Week Ends: Achievement Freaks, St. Jobs, Luxury Disorders, Von Trier’s Obstructions, Self-Made Religion, Boardwalk Empire, and Lactivism

1. As if we needed another reminder of the frightening heights the achievement curve has reached in recent years, James Atlas attempted to trace the cultural and economic forces contributing to the ‘excellence glut’ in his NY Times op-ed last week, “Meet the New Super People.” Atlas seems less interested in the psychological (and spiritual!) […]

The Inability to Change Larry David in Any Way

I have a conflicted relationship with HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. I can’t help but respect its no-holds-barred honesty about human self-centeredness, the undeniable gift Larry David has for bringing out the comprehensive absurdity of our attempts to justify our foolishness, the way our little agendas collide those of our loved ones, indeed how the little […]

Another Week Ends: Online Echo Chambers, Deathbed Regrets, Dylan at the Cross, MJ’s Bad, Singing Spiderman, Penmanship Psychology & Seinfeld

1. A couple of articles that follow-up on the filter bubble phenomenon we posted on last week, both from The NY Times. The first is an editorial by Eli Pariser, “When The Internet Thinks It Knows You” and the second a slightly broader look at the issue, “The Trouble With The Echo Chamber Online.” While […]